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How to Utilize Video to Modernize Your Company's Outreach
May 22, 2014 @ 02:06 PM | By Eric Vidal

Stop and think about that amazing feeling you get when you watch a riveting video online. You want to spring to action and share the clip with others. When a video ignites action in a viewer, its value increases tenfold—and if done properly, it will go viral and be seen by millions.

So why is it that so many corporations still fail to maximize their use of video across the enterprise? It’s all too common to see long-winded interviews with executives or product overviews that explain very little and take up a great deal of a viewer’s time without actually delivering any value.

The truth is that there are endless ways you can use video creatively in the enterprise apart from the traditional method of show and tell. It’s time to embrace the possibilities of the technology and recognize video as an amazing tool that can drive change and improve the overall experience for customers.

Ask yourself the following questions before getting started on your next project:

What is the value of my video?

Make sure your video segments have purpose and create lasting impact, as this will ultimately play a hand in driving revenue. Examples of valuable videos can include step-by-step tutorials and use cases. These are valuable assets that your business can use to foster better relationships with customers. Use multimedia clips to enhance customer knowledge, educate on products or services and explain best practices.

An example of a valuable video asset can be seen below. This video was made by InterCall to give customers a step-by-step guide to setting up a MobileMeet account.


Is it bringing me closer to my customers?

Video can create an intimate user experience if used properly. For instance, a sales technician can use the tactic to help explain a concept to his or her target audience. Or, a software designer for a smart phone can produce a video offering tips and tricks to tweak the device so consumers can realize more value. Video as a service channel can create exciting opportunities for fostering strong connections with your customers.

Is it enhancing my brand?

Think of videos as competitive differentiators in your enterprise. Instead of simply uploading a press release to the Web, for example, send out an SMS correspondence to your customers teasing the fact that you have a video online about the announcement and include a link to view it. Moreover, rely on enterprise video to support your go-to-market campaigns. In fact, customers have experienced a 2,000 percent return on investment by using video to assist with a product launch.

The product launch video for DollarShaveClub.com was so well produced and marketed that it went viral and the company grew exponentially thank to this video.


Can my HR department benefit from it?

Right now about a quarter of employers use multimedia for interviewing purposes according to the 2013 Recruiting Benchmarks Survey Report. This is useful for reducing the total cost of hiring, which currently hovers around $3,639 per hire. Many are also posting video clips on online job boards, as they can provide a quick way to offer an official company profile to a prospective employee.

You should also think about using videos to give an insight into company culture. Twitter made the funny recruitment video below. It displays a great mix of the benefits of working at Twitter as well as the culture of the company.


Once an employee is hired, HR can use video to bring new workers up to speed about company policies and procedures. This is especially useful for remote workers, as it can cut the need for travel. Video can then be used to enhance employee learning at various intervals, as part of an ongoing training program.

Too often, we think of video as merely a communications channel meant to share basic ideas about a company. By thinking outside of the box and using video to further specific agendas for your marketing or support teams, it can create the ultimate end-user experience. If done properly, it can also generate new streams of revenue and allow you to serve customers in a variety of exciting ways.

How are you using video in your enterprise? Tell us about your company's experiences in the comments section below.

Eric Vidal Eric Vidal is a Director of Product Marketing at InterCall and is considered a leading voice and expert in virtual business, which expands from marketing to collaboration to learning. He has more than 15 years experience in developing, implementing and optimizing strategies in these areas for numerous organizations and Global 2000 companies. As the director of product marketing for InterCall’s event services, Eric manages the strategy and initiatives for the virtual technologies that include virtual environments, streaming, event management services and operator assisted services. Previously from WebEx, Eric managed the virtual classroom product, as well as brand advertising and new media. Over the last several years, Eric has held management positions at Cisco, WebEx, IBM, BBDO Worldwide and Macromedia.

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