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How the Art Department Can Benefit from Online Meetings
January 14, 2014 @ 02:22 PM | By Sarah Murphy


Frank is one of the best graphic designers on your staff. He can produce an outstanding infographic and dazzle your clients with his work. But while Frank is great at his job, he still needs clear instructions in order for the project he is working on to turn out right. Part of the task of custom publishing is making sure that you get a piece tailored exactly to a client’s needs. And while Frank is many things, he is not a psychic. He needs to know what the client wants before sitting at his laptop.

Through the power of an online meeting, Frank is able to jump on a conference call with the editorial department, the client and the operational team. He is able to converse with the client while referring to templates in real-time to show exactly what the team is capable of producing and how they can create exactly what is needed. This way, there is no guessing game when it comes to getting something done right the first time. Frank is also able to show videos, photos, pictures and articles to get a firm understanding of how the company wants to present its culture and business proposition.

Then, after the project is done, everyone involved in the creation of the infographic can gather together and edit the final piece in real time. For example, the editorial team can edit its text while Frank tweaks the colors to give it the complimentary edge that it needs. A team can then send the infographic out to a client resting assured that the product will be well-received.

How do you bring multiple team members together to collaborate on a project, so you aren’t wasting time with a lot of back and forth?

Sarah MurphySarah Murphy is a marketing manager at InterCall. With over ten years of experience in the conferencing industry, Sarah has worked with customers and products that cover all segments of conferencing, including traditional operator attended services, video and online meeting solutions.

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