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Don’t Let BYOD Security Concerns Stop You From Mobile Conferencing
January 6, 2014 @ 12:27 PM | By Jill Huselton


Are fears about security holding you back from establishing a reliable mobile conferencing solution in your enterprise? Does the fear of sensitive company information traveling around wherever your employees roam keep you up at night?

You should always be conscious of safeguarding your company information. And when it comes to conference calls, the last thing that you want is for an interloper to listen in to an insider-only call. But with the right conference call security features, you can mitigate the likelihood of this from happening and enjoy all of the benefits that mobile conferencing has to offer.

Here are some basic security features currently available for your mobile device that can make conference calls as safe as possible when meeting on-the-go:

  • Leader PINs: Use a unique PIN so that there is never any question about the integrity of the person in charge of leading the meeting.
  • Entry/ Exit announcements: Now it is possible to make it known whenever someone enters or exits a conference call. This way, nobody can silently listen in without the knowledge of everyone else.
  • Conference locks: Conferences can be locked in order to prevent unwanted guests from accidentally dialing in.
  • Conference Continuation: You want to be sure that the call ends when you say it does—and will not linger on. Having this feature turned off will ensure that the call is over when you want it to be. At the same time, it can be adjusted to end when the last caller leaves the room.

Additionally, increased call management options currently available for mobile devices make it possible to see exactly who is in a meeting and where they are dialing in from. This way, if there is a suspicious party on the line, they can be called out and investigated. Unwanted third parties stand no chance of sneaking onto the line when it is possible to monitor each and every person on a call.

As with everything in life, nothing great comes with a no-risk guarantee. But with a little forethought, intelligence and oversight, there’s no reason your company should miss out on the many benefits of mobile conferencing.

Tell us, how do you ensure security while conferencing in your enterprise?

Jill HuseltonJill Huselton is a senior marketing manager at InterCall. She's been in the conferencing industry for nearly 15 years, working in operations, account management and marketing, mainly based in Colorado. Before leaving the Mile-High City, she hiked a 14er, one of her top accomplishments. Now she's traded the mountains for the beach and works from a home office in North Carolina.

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