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Sometimes it Takes a Conference Call to Raise a Village
November 5, 2013 @ 10:55 AM | By Christina Todisco


When was the last time you gathered for a constructive meeting with your local neighbors and townspeople? It’s so easy to become embroiled in your day-to-day office operations that you forget there is a whole world—and community—operating around you. From your Home Owners Association to your kids’ Board of Education meeting to the town Recycling Committee, it can be awfully hard to balance a full work load with your community responsibilities.

These organizations depend on community support to function, though. Without support from the community, it is almost impossible to engage in productive meetings and tackle issues that directly affect constituents. Solutions are needed to bring people together in this fast-paced, hectic world.

One solution that many communities are now starting involves offering conference calls to bring citizens closer together. Conference calls provide a platform where people can listen in to important meetings from wherever they may be—from the office to the gym to the supermarket. Conference calls facilitate a healthy balance between community and personal responsibilities.

Aside from becoming an integral part of communities for day-to-day functioning, conference calls provide a way to always make sure a meeting can take place. For example, as the majority of the country prepares for winter, conference calls can offer an enticing solution for ensuring that meetings take place during inclement weather. When the snow starts to pour in at 8 PM on a Wednesday, for instance, there will be no need to cancel the meeting due to driving hazards and possible low attendance. Instead, constituents can call in directly from their mobile device from wherever they are. With the help of operator assistants, hundreds of people can gather at once which allows for an easy, organized experience.

We want to know how your community has benefited from the use of conference calls. Please tell us about your experiences in the comments section below!

Christina TodiscoChristina Todisco is a marketing manager at InterCall and has been in the conferencing industry since 2002. Christina currently provides product marketing support for InterCall’s audio services, reporting and invoice solutions and InterCall Online. When not working, Christina enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, family and friends.

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