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’Tis the Season for Increased Staff – and Training Logistics
November 18, 2013 @ 09:47 AM | By Jill Huselton


When you think of holiday shopping, you might envision a trembling employee standing in front of a set of locked doors while legions of crazed consumers pound on the glass demanding to be let inside. It’s not a pretty picture, and a company that is understaffed or underprepared will have a hard time competing during the holiday rush.

Therefore, companies are well aware that they need to step up their game during the holiday season to accommodate hordes of shoppers. Online giant Amazon, for example, has reportedly hired 70,000 more workers to prepare for its expected increase in sales. But acquainting 70,000 additional employees with the protocol of an international behemoth will not be an easy task.

To make matters worse, there is not much time to accomplish this task. Managers are busy during the holiday season and, understandably, lack the ability to allocate a large amount of time for training new or temporary employees. Still, it is necessary to prevent pitfalls related to the quality of customer service – especially when workers are spread out all across the globe.

This is where a conference call solution can put organizations of any size ahead of the game. Using audio, video or the web, seasonal employees can participate in training sessions from multiple locations (even the comfort of their own homes). With web conferencing and video streaming, managers need not sacrifice their organization’s pre-holiday reputation in order to oversee dozens of training sessions. Instead, they can reach thousands of employees at the same time. Suddenly, the obstacles of time, travel and venue have been removed – allowing you to focus on decorating those windows or touting the steals and deals that will send consumers flocking.

Have you had success training a large amount of employees with a conference call?Please describe your experience in the comments section below.

Jill HuseltonJill Huselton is a senior marketing manager at InterCall. She's been in the conferencing industry for nearly 15 years, working in operations, account management and marketing, mainly based in Colorado. Before leaving the Mile-High City, she hiked a 14er, one of her top accomplishments. Now she's traded the mountains for the beach and works from a home office in North Carolina.

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