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Disruption, Doom and Disaster Recovery for IT
November 26, 2013 @ 10:15 AM | By James Whitemore

IT Fail

NASDAQ recently experienced a 3-hour disruption in trading due to a network failure. If that doesn’t highlight the critical need for a disaster recovery plan, I’m not sure what would.  Can you imagine the organizational turmoil that resulted from this?  When NASDAQ isn’t trading, that results in millions of dollars of lost revenue.  Even if your organization isn’t trading millions, a disruption in your organization’s communications is a critical factor that has far-reaching implications.  What if your employees couldn’t access critical business communications?  Imagine the phone calls you’d (eventually) receive. Or even worse yet, imagine the customers that just faded away, along with their business and good will.

One of the most compelling factors that drives consideration of a hosted UC solution is its disaster recovery capabilities.  Continuity of communications is critical to the lifeblood of any enterprise organization.  Losing communications could mean losing customers and revenue, and ultimately damaging your company’s reputation.  Although redundancy built into your network architecture is a viable solution, not every enterprise organization has the IT budget (in dollars, human capacity, or time) to support this.  For those organizations that don’t have a blank checkbook, a cloud-based solution can ensure access to voice, video, data, IM/presence, email and audio/video/web conferencing as well as communications integrated within your business processes in a more cost-effective way.  Whether the employee is in the corporate headquarters or working remotely, your company’s communications are maintained due to the fact that your IT infrastructure is in the cloud which, when structured properly by your partner, automatically provides high availability and disaster recovery.

NASDAQ’s failure will continue to be analyzed and questions will be asked as to how to ensure similar failures don’t recur.  Consider cloud-based UCaaS from West IP Communications as a cost-effective way to prevent disaster and remove one more significant potential threat from your competitive landscape.

James WhitemoreJames Whitemore is senior vice president of sales and marketing at West IP Communications, the team that delivers InterCall’s unified communication services. InterCall and West IP Communications are both a part of West Corporation. James holds a B.A. (Hons) degree in Business from Newcastle University in the U.K. and currently resides in Boulder, CO. In his downtime, James is an avid skier with an enthusiasm for traveling and car collecting.

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