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What Monsters Are Lurking on Your Conference Call?
October 31, 2013 @ 11:01 AM | By Dennis Collins


This year, Halloween falls on Thursday. That means workers throughout the country will pick up their phones to engage in conference calls and online meetings on one of the most festive days of the year. Unfortunately, many people don’t even have to dress up for Halloween because their conference call behavior is a monstrosity in and of itself.

So, open up a bottle of wolfsbane and wrap some garlic around your neck. We’re going to take a look at some common monsters you might find lurking on conference calls throughout the world this year:


As a creature of the night, Dracula likes having conference calls well after dark. Keep in mind that your clients or team members might be working in different time zones and could be sensitive to late calls. Likewise, Dracula isn’t a fan of the early morning when the sun comes up. Pay attention to what time it is where you are calling from, as well as the time zone you are calling into.

The Headless Horseman

Aside from being completely terrifying, the Headless Horseman is also one of the most confusing people to engage in a conversation with. This is because during online meetings, the Headless Horseman doesn’t take the time to include a picture with his profile. By forgetting to use a picture, callers have absolutely no idea with whom they are speaking. It is a common, yet unprofessional mistake that can be easily fixed by putting a head—or a pumpkin—in the allotted space.

The Ghost

Ghosts are really good at disappearing. They are also really good at telling you they will be on a conference call, only to leave you hanging. Therefore, the Ghost creates mistrust amongst their co-workers and is directly responsible for wasting time. While the ghost might follow up with an apologetic email, their behavior is hardly excusable. Yet all it takes is a quick email or SMS to let participants know that they will not be able to join. Taking five seconds to do so could save a whole business relationship.

In the spirit of the day, we want to know, what type of monsters have you encountered over conference calls?

Dennis CollinsDennis Collins is the director of marketing for Conferencing and Collaboration at InterCall. In this role, he directs a team that provides strategic marketing support for product launches, external communications, competitive positioning and channel/sales communications. His career spans a wide range of communications, marketing and operations experiences including being a digital video pioneer as well as spending 13 years with technology PR firm as partner and COO. Entrepreneur does not escape the list; Dennis also started his own ad agency and founded an award-winning gourmet dessert café.

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