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Don’t Let Your Business Shut Down Like the Government!
October 10, 2013 @ 03:01 PM | By Christina Todisco

You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know anything about the federal government shutdown. Each side has a goal for the outcome, but no agreements can be reached without communication. This is a perfect example of the major consequences that result when government officials do not communicate. Can you imagine if your company acted like the government and just quit working because no one would talk to each other? Some people may welcome a bit of time off, but sooner or later, everyone wants to get paid. And what about the customers and partners who depend on the company’s products and services?

So how can we avoid the same situation the federal government finds itself in? Try hosting a conference to gather all levels of your staff and discuss key strategies as often as possible. By doing this, everyone involved will have a chance to share important ideas that could prove to be crucial for your organization. By hosting a conference, you can invite key members located anywhere in the world, which means employees of other branches or franchises can join.

Additionally, by using a unified online meeting, your team can share all the documents they need in order to edit and strategize in real time—meaning no good idea will be lost due to miscommunication. Unified meetings are safe, efficient and reliable for exchanging information over the web.

Does your organization have a history of success using conference calls and online meetings? We want to hear your story. Please tell us in the comments section below.

Christina TodiscoChristina Todisco is a marketing manager at InterCall and has been in the conferencing industry since 2002. Christina currently provides product marketing support for InterCall’s audio services, reporting and invoice solutions and InterCall Online. When not working, Christina enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, family and friends.

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