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Conference Heroes: The Mighty Moderator
October 25, 2013 @ 03:10 PM | By Dennis Collins

When you think of great leaders throughout the modern era, names like Winston Churchill, FDR and Margaret Thatcher all come to mind. These people are celebrated not only for their achievements, but for their amazing speaking abilities. They led through the power of their words, and as a result, people didn’t just listen when they spoke—they took action.

When a group of people gather for a conference call, the conversation has the ability to go in many different directions. Due to the propensity of people to spiral off onto tangents, a conference can easily become a tremendous waste of time. Yet when a powerful moderator is involved, a conference can be one of the most efficient ways of conducting business. When this type of moderator speaks, people get excited and listen.

Even with today’s advanced conference capabilities, such as the ability to see exactly who is present and speaking, a call still needs to be led in the proper direction. This becomes especially true when callers branch out into separate groups, only to come back together at the end and make a collaborative decision. Therefore, it is vital that someone takes charge and follows an agenda and sees to it that all points are covered.

If you are supposed to assume a moderator role in the coming weeks but are unsure of your oratory capabilities, rest assured that today’s conference services can teach you considerably as they allow you to record your conversation and play it back to study after the call. It is a great way to identify skill sets to improve upon in a zero-pressure environment so that the next time you engage in a conference, you can sound just like Winston Churchill—and not like the Bashful Buzzard.

Do you have any strategies for leading an effective conference call? Please feel free to share your techniques in the comments section

Dennis CollinsDennis Collins is the director of marketing for Conferencing and Collaboration at InterCall. In this role, he directs a team that provides strategic marketing support for product launches, external communications, competitive positioning and channel/sales communications. His career spans a wide range of communications, marketing and operations experiences including being a digital video pioneer as well as spending 13 years with technology PR firm as partner and COO. Entrepreneur does not escape the list; Dennis also started his own ad agency and founded an award-winning gourmet dessert café.

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