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Bridging the Gap between Politicians and Constituents
October 9, 2013 @ 06:18 PM | By Jill Huselton

Even after President Obama delivered his recent speech addressing whether or not the U.S. should participate in a military intervention against Syria, everyone is still talking about the issue. And, as a way to extend the debate outside of Washington, the conversation is taking place between elected officials and constituents using conference calls.

Today’s technology has enabled politicians to use conferences to directly correspond with the citizens who vote them into office. A conference call is a great way for politicians to answer questions in real-time and engage directly with voters about key issues on both a local and national level.

A recent example of this new type of direct dialogue took place on September 9, when Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, R-Montana, hosted a conference call for constituents of the Fourth Congressional District. And nothing was off limits during the call.

“Our offices in the Fourth District and in Washington have received hundreds of calls and emails regarding the situation in Syria,” said Hartzler prior to the meeting. “I have deep reservations about the wisdom of launching an attack. I also have doubts about U.S. interests in the matter.”

As this case proves, conferences can act as a way for both elected officials and citizens to drum up support and ask questions when a call to action is needed. It can be a crucial component in ensuring that everyone has a fair chance of voicing their opinion to an elected official.

Right now, hosting a public conference is not a mandatory procedure for governing authorities. However, it is a trend that is gaining popularity amongst voters. Whatever your stance on Syria and other topics, convening conference calls between representatives and constituents is one more way to to make sure your voice heard.

Tell us, if your elected representatives were to hold a public conference, would you participate?

Jill HuseltonJill Huselton is a senior marketing manager at InterCall. She's been in the conferencing industry for nearly 15 years, working in operations, account management and marketing, mainly based in Colorado. Before leaving the Mile-High City, she hiked a 14er, one of her top accomplishments. Now she's traded the mountains for the beach and works from a home office in North Carolina.

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