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What Else Can I Use Conference Calls For?
September 16, 2013 @ 12:41 PM | By Christina Todisco

Imagine all of the ways that you can use conference calls to better assist you with day to day life. While conference calls are very useful for keeping in touch with important clients and associates, there are countless ways that this form of communication can come in handy outside of day-to-day business practices.

Here are some creative ways that you can use conference calls apart from the setting of a board room:

1. Screen a blind date

  • Let’s face it: nobody has time to date, let alone go on a bad date. A bad date can ruin a whole week. A fun, safe and time efficient solution is to use a conference call to screen a blind date. This will allow you to see if you and your potential partner are compatible ahead of time. Chances are, if the lucky person can pass the test of your peers, it will be worth going out and exploring for yourself.

2. Discuss a gift for your co-workers

  • It is certainly difficult to try to get multiple team members to sign a birthday card for a coworker behind his or her back. Just imagine trying to poll your coworkers to figure out what gift to get that individual during office hours. While email communication is handy, there is always the risk of someone accidently including that person in the chain. As a solution, try getting the team on board after hours for a group conference call to discuss a birthday gift. And, if you use a web conferencing service, you can all do online shopping together.

3. Plan social events

  • Getting everyone together for a social gathering is a great way to relieve office tension and build team camaraderie. With so many people on-the-go throughout the course of the day, hosting a quick conference call to discuss monthly or weekly get-togethers such as bar outings or bowling is a solution that can benefit everyone involved. With the ability to conduct a live poll over your web interface, it is possible to conduct a random survey of where people would like to go.

Are you getting the most out of your conference services? Tell us in the comments section below!

Christina TodiscoChristina Todisco is a marketing manager at InterCall and has been in the conferencing industry since 2002. Christina currently provides product marketing support for InterCall’s audio services, reporting and invoice solutions and InterCall Online. When not working, Christina enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, family and friends.

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