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Bringing Your Business On-the-Go
September 24, 2013 @ 01:21 PM | By James Whitemore

In the “good old days,” a work day began in the morning and ended when you left the office at 5. But now, we have entered a new mobile era. And in this new age, employees stay in touch at all times. Whether you are in or out of the office, it’s all about staying connected to your business and being accessible 24/7.

Over the course of a business day, an employee might be in four or five locations, meaning it is becoming more and more common to sit behind a smartphone or laptop instead of a desk. For this reason, collaboration amongst a group of scattered workers is key. To keep everyone on the same page and up to date, employers need the proper tools to communicate. Conference calls, email, messaging and text services must all be combined and readily accessible to ensure a seamless, unified platform.

A recent survey, however, indicates that while the unified communications (UC) trend is growing, only 21 percent of companies have adopted the concept. Further, out of 200 IT professionals who were surveyed, only 57 percent claimed to partially adopt a UC strategy. Therefore, those businesses who have already adopted UC offerings are two steps ahead of the competition.

When a company unifies its communications, problems like missed calls become drastically reduced. This is due to services such as Find Me/ Follow Me. With it, employees can be tracked across multiple locations even while they are away from their primary phones. Find Me/ Follow Me allows for calls to be routed to multiple phones, so that a call will transfer to a cell phone from a landline in the event that an employee does not pick up. And with a voicemail to email service, messages can be transferred directly to email accounts to ensure that recipients always stay informed when a call is missed.

Collaboration, however, goes beyond voice services. Employees today require features such as conference calls, instant messaging and web conferencing to stay in touch wherever they are, on whatever device they so choose. Through web conferencing services, it is possible to log into meetings from anywhere and even communicate using video. When used in collaboration with programs such as Google Docs or InterCall Unified Meeting 5, users can share and work on the same document at the same time.

If your employees “carry their desktop” around with them as they bounce from location to location all day, it is best to make sure that they can dial in, text and receive email and calendar invites when needed. These days, it’s all about mobilization—and to stay ahead, workers need the unified communication technology necessary to carry their job with them away from the office.

James WhitemoreJames Whitemore is senior vice president of sales and marketing at West IP Communications, the team that delivers InterCall’s unified communication services. InterCall and West IP Communications are both a part of West Corporation. James holds a B.A. (Hons) degree in Business from Newcastle University in the U.K. and currently resides in Boulder, CO. In his downtime, James is an avid skier with an enthusiasm for traveling and car collecting.

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