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Top Tips for Optimizing Your Meeting Time
August 21, 2013 @ 01:11 PM | By Jill Huselton

If you currently work in an office environment, then you know the struggles of trying to balance multiple spinning plates. You’re managing three email accounts and returning phone calls, all the while trying to set aside enough time for that important business meeting.

The workplace is now more consolidated than ever thanks to tightening budgets and high demand for multi-faceted employees. Nowadays, it’s all about doing more with less and optimizing the little time you do have to spare (something you’re most likely all too familiar with).

The only problem is, it becomes increasingly difficult tokeep those plates spinning when time feels like it keeps slipping away. In fact, a recent poll conducted by McKinsey Global Institute shows that the average worker now spends two-and-a-half hours writing emails every day. This occupies more than 25 percent of employees’ time, which could be better spent on higher priority tasks.

One way to ensure that those higher priority tasks are being efficiently handled is to cut back on meeting time and optimize the time you do have.  If you’re afraid those plates are going to crash any second, take a deep breath and take a look at these tips on how to better optimize meeting time.

Scheduling on the quarter hour mark: Trying to schedule a call from 2-3 pm? Push it from 2:15-3 pm and you’ll find a much better result Research shows that scheduling calls on the hour is ineffective because it tends to be the busiest time for working professionals.

Don’t schedule more time than you need: Meetings can become pretty costly when you think about time wasted in meetings that are schedule for more time than needed. For example, the one-hour meeting that really could have finished in 30 minutes takes your team to get off track. The result, as you can imagine, is frustratingly working late or delaying deadlines as you try to catch up. Sometimes the best thing you can give co-workers is more time back on their on schedule.

Leverage Online Meetings: Online meetings can significantly reduce the amount of time needed during a standard phone call by taking conferencing online for increased collaboration and information sharing. Even more, participants that are remote or on-the-go can join in via their mobile phones so that they can make the most of their time outside the office. Actions are made more decisively and results are more quickly seen.

Jill HuseltonJill Huselton is a senior marketing manager at InterCall. She's been in the conferencing industry for nearly 15 years, working in operations, account management and marketing, mainly based in Colorado. Before leaving the Mile-High City, she hiked a 14er, one of her top accomplishments. Now she's traded the mountains for the beach and works from a home office in North Carolina.

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