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Dominate Webcast Studio & Virtual Environments from Anywhere with these Android Apps
February 20, 2013 @ 03:30 PM | By Eric Vidal

There was some very welcome news recently announced for InterCall customers who use InterCall Webcast Studio and/or virtual environments while mobile. Both products are now available as Android apps through the Android Market.

What that means is a lot more users will now be able to use their mobile devices to attend webcasts and access their organizations’ virtual environments anywhere they happen to be. And they’ll be able to do it with all the functionality they’ve come to expect from their Android devices, such as pinching and swiping, rather than having the limited functionality that comes with using a mobile browser.

Android Dominance

The announcement is particularly timely given the recent surge in market share for Android devices. Android continues to be the leading smartphone operating system, now owning 52.2 percent of the market according to research firm comScore. In addition, research firm Strategy Analytics group says that Android now accounts for 41.3 percent of the worldwide tablet market, up from a 29.2 percent share for the same period the year before.

By making the Android app available, InterCall has greatly simplified and enhanced the mobile experience for users. Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights.

Webcast Studio

One of the most significant capabilities the new Webcast Studio Android app gives users is the ability to view slides and video at the same time. That gives presenters a lot more flexibility in how they prepare their presentations. They can use audio, slides and/or video in any combination with confidence that all attendees will experience it the way they would on a PC, with robust functionality and full-branded, custom elements.

The app is also able to remember recent events users attended, allowing them to re-enter immediately as long as they click on the app rather than the event’s URL. If you have to jump off momentarily to take an important call you can get right back in quickly and easily.

Of course, by leveraging pinch and swipe capabilities built into the device users can now change the size of type or focus in on a specific area – critical capabilities, particularly when viewing detailed slides on a small smartphone screen. Swiping allows users to position information the way they need it, or move easily between the Android app and other information that may have been sent separately.

Virtual environments

For virtual environments, the Android app allows mobile users to enjoy full navigation throughout the environment. They can easily view webcasts, interact with other visitors in the networking lounge, chat with booth reps, participate in discussion forums and access all on-demand content.

All the customized elements are intact and active as well. And again, pinching and swiping makes it easy to move from an overall view to a focus on a specific element and back again.

The InterCall Webcast Studio and virtual environment apps are available free through the Android Market. If you’re frequently on the move, as I am, you’ll want to download them soon. I’ve tried them and they definitely create a better user experience.


Eric VidalEric Vidal is a Director of Product Marketing at InterCall and is considered a leading voice and expert in virtual business, which expands from marketing to collaboration to learning. He has more than 15 years experience in developing, implementing and optimizing strategies in these areas for numerous organizations and Global 2000 companies. As the director of product marketing for InterCall’s event services, Eric manages the strategy and initiatives for the virtual technologies that include virtual environments, streaming, event management services and operator assisted services. Previously from WebEx, Eric managed the virtual classroom product, as well as brand advertising and new media. Over the last several years, Eric has held management positions at Cisco, WebEx, IBM, BBDO Worldwide and Macromedia.

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