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InterCall Wins Bronze in Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards
January 24, 2013 @ 08:34 AM | By Eric Vidal

Having Excellence in Technology is a strong claim to make. Which is why it’s nice to have it be backed up by the Brandon Hall Group.

They just announced the 2012 winners for the Excellence in Technology Awards and we’re proud to say that InterCall has taken the bronze for Best Advance in Technology for Virtual-Classroom Training or Conferencing Technology.

But what exactly does all that mean? Well, let’s take a look at the criteria laid out by the Brandon Hall Group:

  • Product Innovation. The technology solution offers effective, easy to use applications that are supported by solid processes, strategies, and methods.
  • Unique Differentiators. The product has clearly defined positioning and market differentiators from its competition.
  • Product Demo. Please include a visual with a narrative recorded demonstration of your product offering concise examples of how your solution is used by your clients.
  • Value Proposition. Clearly describe example of how your product solves problems and/or addresses business needs.
  • Measurable Results: Include a list of benefits customers can expect to experience as a result of using this product. 

To address these criteria, we highlighted the benefits virtual environments offer. Here is an excerpt from our submission:

Virtual environments serve as an extension of a brand to prospects, customers, employees, members and many other individuals. While virtual tools can be complex, InterCall has designed an interface that is intuitive. The interface is also fully customizable, allowing complete control over the look and feel of the virtual experience. Point-and-click customization and predefined templates and themes help expedite the setup process.

The InterCall platform provides rich registration information, activity data and comprehensive lead ranking. The Engagement Index allows users to view their attendees’ interaction via specific breakdowns. Leads can be segmented and scored based upon geography, demographics and product interest. All data is delivered through web-based reporting, which makes it easy to access and share information with partners and sponsors.

The InterCall platform is also available in 17 languages and allows simultaneous reach to audiences worldwide. The additional offering of a global services model makes it possible to deliver virtual events to an international audience.

As you can see, there is a lot to be gained with the use of virtual environments in classroom training or conferencing. If you’d like to find out more, check them out for yourself in our Event Services.

As always, we want to say how happy we are to receive this award and share kudos for everyone who helps keep InterCall on the cutting edge of virtual technology.

Eric VidalEric Vidal is a Director of Product Marketing at InterCall and is considered a leading voice and expert in virtual business, which expands from marketing to collaboration to learning. He has more than 15 years experience in developing, implementing and optimizing strategies in these areas for numerous organizations and Global 2000 companies. As the director of product marketing for InterCall’s event services, Eric manages the strategy and initiatives for the virtual technologies that include virtual environments, streaming, event management services and operator assisted services. Previously from WebEx, Eric managed the virtual classroom product, as well as brand advertising and new media. Over the last several years, Eric has held management positions at Cisco, WebEx, IBM, BBDO Worldwide and Macromedia.

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