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MediaCloud helps make use of underutilized Microsoft Lync licenses
October 8, 2012 @ 10:22 AM | By James Whitemore

According to a recent article from UCStrategies.com, although Microsoft Lync is one of the most popular applications for enterprise IM/Presence, the voice licenses associated with the platform remain largely unused. The reason largely is the complexity involved with implementing voice over this platform across large-scale enterprises.

Enter West IP Communications MediaCloud, an architecture launched earlier this month that promises to ease those complexities and make use of those underutilized voice licenses. West IP Communications and InterCall are both owned by West Corporation, and the West IP team provides UC solutions for many InterCall customers. According to UCStrategies.com reporter Paul Robinson:

MediaCloud is an enabling solution rather than a technology solution. It enables enterprises to get to a full-scale Lync deployment by leveraging a cloud-based infrastructure for edge, federation and mediation services. Think of these as pre-provisioned cloud-based landing zones for these Lync server roles, or workloads. West’s solution then publishes from the on-prem Lync front end server’s admin console to those landing zones. In this way West manages the customer’s network and the MediaCloud infrastructure in an Opex model. Customers, on the other hand, maintain control of their Lync voice services within their own IT groups.

To read the entire UCStrategies article, click here.

For more information on MediaCloud, download the product sheet from West or visit the MediaCloud page. If you have unused Lync licenses and would like to put them to work for your company, we’d be happy to have a consultation.  Please contact us or your InterCall representative.

This article first appeared on the West IP Communications blog.

James WhitemoreJames Whitemore is senior vice president of sales and marketing at West IP Communications, the team that delivers InterCall’s unified communication services. InterCall and West IP Communications are both a part of West Corporation. James holds a B.A. (Hons) degree in Business from Newcastle University in the U.K. and currently resides in Boulder, CO. In his downtime, James is an avid skier with an enthusiasm for traveling and car collecting.

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