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How the Cloud Changes Everything and Nothing at All
July 9, 2012 @ 02:47 PM | By Tonya Hottmann

The topic of “cloud” has become pervasive throughout the information technology industry. It changes how solutions are deployed, resources are allocated, and how money is spent, but does it mean changing the fundamental technologies behind our favorite infrastructure solutions? How specifically does the cloud impact you and your business?

Join Steven Deming, on Thursday, July 12, at 1:00PM Eastern for a free webinar and Office 365 demonstration. Stephen will address the questions every customer needs answered including how the cloud can improve productivity, increase security and allow anytime and anywhere access to key information.

During this hour long webinar, you will learn:

  • How your business can benefit from using the cloud
  • How the cloud can save you money and deliver the latest communication tools
  • How you can benefit from Microsoft Office 365: cloud-based messaging, collaborations and communication
  • How to use Office 365 through a free live demonstration

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About Our Speaker
Stephen Deming is the Microsoft Partner Solution Advisor US Small, Medium Business and Distribution and a 10 year Microsoft veteran focused on helping customers understand the benefits of Microsoft technology and where that technology is heading in the future. His passion is helping people understand technology better so they can make educated choices for their businesses. Prior to joining Microsoft, Deming was the IT manager for a small business where he focused on Windows Server and Microsoft application training to clients around the world. With over thirty years of professional computer experience, he’s spent most of his career working with organizations to identify and implement effective solutions.

Tonya Hottmann imageTonya Hottmann is the director of marketing at InterCall, responsible for small business marketing. Before joining InterCall, Tonya ran a boutique marketing consulting firm for 10 years. An avid baseball fan, she enjoys reading, traveling, exercising and spending summer days at the beach.

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