The Name Says It All
April 24, 2012 @ 12:33 PM | By James Whitemore

Smoothstone IP Communications, a leading provider of cloud-based communications for the enterprise, was acquired by West Corporation in June 2011. Since then, Smoothstone and West worked together to align the cloud-based products and services with West’s other subsidiaries, including InterCall.

Last month, West announced the rebranding of Smoothstone as West IP Communications (WIPC). Services, all delivered as a unified suite of cloud-based application, include:

  • MPLS-based application network management
  • Enterprise voice
  • Unified threat management
  • Advanced contact center solutions
  • Unified messaging
  • Collaboration tools

“Aligning our IP communications business with the West name gives us a consistent voice and clarity in the marketplace,” said Todd Strubbe, president of West’s Unified Communications business segment. “Our vision for unified communications always begins with our clients, so we want to ensure they understand the full breadth of the West product portfolio upon which they can build their businesses.”

Services delivered by West IP Communications are available to InterCall customers immediately and you can start the conversation by reaching out to your InterCall sales representative. If you’d like to read more about our approach to UC, be sure to check out the newly added West IP Communications section on the InterCall website and let us know what you think.

James WhitemoreJames Whitemore is senior vice president of sales and marketing at West IP Communications, the team that delivers InterCall’s unified communication services. InterCall and West IP Communications are both a part of West Corporation. James holds a B.A. (Hons) degree in Business from Newcastle University in the U.K. and currently resides in Boulder, CO. In his downtime, James is an avid skier with an enthusiasm for traveling and car collecting.

How Can Your Small Businesses Get More Hours Out of the Day?
April 18, 2012 @ 10:42 AM | By Tonya Hottmann

Almost half of all small businesses list time as their most valuable asset. Many entrepreneurs wear multiple hats simultaneously, juggling everything from sales to management to operations just to get their businesses up and growing.


InterCall now offers Microsoft® Office 365 solutions designed to help small business owners increase productivity and efficiently manage day-to-day operations.

Office 365 gives you anytime and anywhere access to critical documents, email, calendars and contacts—all in one solution. Office 365 merges cloud communication and Lync® Online to transform your interactions with colleagues, customers and partners into interactive experiences.

What’s included in the Office 365 solutions for small businesses?

  • Exchange Online: Centralize all your email accounts, calendars and contacts in one location and access them anywhere, on any device.
  • SharePoint: Share critical documents with colleagues and partners while protecting them with user-level permissions.
  • Web Apps: Access familiar Microsoft applications in the cloud for real-time collaboration. You’ll never have to worry about version control again.
  • Lync Online: Utilize instant messaging, video conferences and virtual meeting features to connect in real time and create seamless interaction.

Of course, the entire suite of Office 365 solutions is integrated with InterCall’s industry leading phone conferencing to help small business owners get more daylight out of their day.

What challenges do you have as a small business? Have you used any of these services and found success? Share your story below.

Tonya Hottmann imageTonya Hottmann is the director of marketing at InterCall, responsible for small business marketing. Before joining InterCall, Tonya ran a boutique marketing consulting firm for 10 years. An avid baseball fan, she enjoys reading, traveling, exercising and spending summer days at the beach.

Training Corporate Workers Like Fighter Pilots
April 16, 2012 @ 09:44 AM | By Eric Vidal

When I talk to customers and prospects, one of their biggest challenges is training: getting new and existing customers, employees and partners up to speed on the latest information so they can all be prepared to do their jobs in the best way possible. Thanks to new, easier-to-use technologies, virtual environments now may be used for a variety of purposes inside and outside the enterprise.


For most of us in the corporate world, training is critical, but it may not quite take on the life-or-death element of a fighter pilot. When we say a customer service rep crashed and burned on a call, we’re only speaking figuratively. Yet in our ultra-competitive world there is an urgency to making sure corporate employees receive the best possible training—an urgency based on the bottom line. This is where virtual environments excel.

I recently contributed an article on and shared some ways to augment training by using virtual environments.

  • New product rollouts/updates
  • Keeping mobile/distant employees informed
  • Extending the conversation before and after the training period

Here's a link to the full article so you can get a lot more information. Come back and let me know what you think. Have you tried to use virtual environments for any of these areas? What results have you seen?

Eric VidalEric Vidal is considered a leading voice and expert in virtual business, which expands from marketing to collaboration to learning. He has more than 15 years experience in developing, implementing and optimizing strategies in these areas for numerous organizations and Global 2000 companies. As the director of product marketing for InterCall’s event services, Eric manages the strategy and initiatives for the virtual technologies that include virtual environments, streaming, event management services and operator assisted services. Previously from WebEx, Eric managed the virtual classroom product, as well as brand advertising and new media. Over the last several years, Eric has held management positions at Cisco, WebEx, IBM, BBDO Worldwide and Macromedia.

Duct Tape Marketing: 7 Steps to Marketing Success
April 11, 2012 @ 10:05 AM | By Tonya Hottmann

What is the fastest way to make your business grow?

Many small businesses believe that success hinges on the efficient implementation of financial, operational and sales processes within their organizations. While these procedures will help to keep your business running, they will not ensure growth.

Delivering consistent leads and creating new revenue opportunities through a successful marketing system will consistently deliver tangible results to grow your business and surpass your competition.

Join Matt Murren, certified Duct Tape Marketing consultant, on Wednesday, April 18, at 1:00 PM Eastern for a free webinar as he explains how building a marketing system will help to differentiate yourself from the competition, build revenue and take your business to the next level.

During this hour long webinar, you will also learn how to:

  • Find your ideal client
  • Build a referral marketing system
  • Use online marketing to dominate your competition

Register now>>

About the Speaker
Matt Murren is a certified Duct Tape Marketing consultant and serial entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience marketing and operating small businesses. Matt specializes in online marketing, product launches and installing marketing systems that generate leads for small businesses. Matt's approach was developed after seeing his consulting clients struggle with getting their marketing systems built and taking action to generate real leads for their business.

Tonya Hottmann imageTonya Hottmann is the director of marketing at InterCall, responsible for small business marketing. Before joining InterCall, Tonya ran a boutique marketing consulting firm for 10 years. An avid baseball fan, she enjoys reading, traveling, exercising and spending summer days at the beach.

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