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The Rise of the Millennial Workforce
December 15, 2011 @ 02:35 PM | By Charlie Connor

The time of the Millennial generation is upon us! Today, the Millennial generation makes up 33% of the workforce. This is not just a trend in North America, but one all three major regions of the world—the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia Pacific—are seeing.

Who is the Millennial generation? It depends on who you ask, but generally the Millenial generation includes those born between 1977 and 1998. What is so special and unique about this generation? While becoming the dominate generation of the workforce, they are also changing the way things have been done or thought needed to be done.

What is so unique about the Millennials?

Millennials are more technologically advanced because they are “digital natives.” Translation: They ate MP3 players for breakfast. They aren’t about to switch to a box of Wheaties and the morning newspaper.

Millennials grew up on teams. The soccer team, the family team and the team in the classroom. Their desks are arranged in pods to increase cooperation, not rows to promote efficiency. Because of this, Millennials value equality in the workplace and in life. Millennials will resist going it alone and need more interaction to complete tasks. They look for instant collaboration and communication on everything they do.

Millennials grew up with their own stuff. Personal devices are just that. And, most didn’t share bedrooms, computers or even TVs with their siblings. But, they did tolerate intrusions such as security cameras, metal detectors and Internet spam. Millennials value their privacy but, paradoxically, engage liberally in social media free space and blogging. Give them the single room and read their blogs.

Millennials from a very early age were programmed, scheduled and committed. Not just committed to the technology, committed to the cause. If you are expecting 70’s style “free-spirits,” they are not that. Millennials grew up following rigid schedules, going from music lessons to soccer practice to tutoring. They’ve had little in the way of down time and have mastered multitasking. Millennials aren’t dreamers, they are planners.

Millennials have been measured from the start. Not just measured, assessed, benchmarked and evaluated beginning with their APGAR score and ending with the SAT. No generation has been more measured than the Millennials. They not only accept measurement, they’ve become shrewd users of metrics, benchmarks and universal standards. They brag to their friends about their ‘gamer tags’ and post their Farmville accomplishments on Facebook.

Millennials are privileged, but they don’t see themselves that way. What is still a minor miracle to a Baby Boomer or even Generation X-ers is the norm for the Millennial. They grew up with their own computers, cell phones and devices. These products have become basic necessities, not luxuries. Also, they grew up expecting to replace these items every couple of years.

Millennials believe they can change the world. That’s what we’ve taught them. And this generation believes they really can. Again, not in the way we thought we could in “The Sixties” but in a more self-less, team-oriented, community-first kind of way. Not the me generation, the planet generation. Millennials are not rebels; they are collaborators and they are wired, or wireless with the technology to make it happen. This attitude and the emerging technology is the basis for the social media revolution.

I know what you are thinking…that is a lot of information. What does that all mean? The business world is changing more than it ever has before. Have you seen what Atos Origin is doing? They are looking to use tools like blogs, instant messaging and message boards. Sound at all like the descriptions above? This is a real example of the Millennials directly impacting how companies are doing business.

There has never been a more critical time for the solutions InterCall has to offer. When you look at the tenants of our strategy, you see how we are embracing the future and changing with the evolving workforce.

  • Decreasing the cost of ownership of our service
  • Increasing the usability and accessibility of our products
  • Addressing business challenges through new solutions
  • Eliminating the cost of failure by exceptional quality

Everything InterCall—and even our parent company, West Corporation—has been developing over the past few years is now more important than ever. InterCall customers will continue to find applications and platforms that work with multiple devices and tools (Skype, tablets, soft phones, Microsoft® Lync™ Online, Cisco WebEx Connect, Cisco Jabber), are simple and easy to join (shortened call flow, Global Network Access, mobile number recognition, customer call flow) and ensure you have the people in your meeting when they should be (hosted scheduling, improved dial-me function on all products, SMS and push notification reminders).

Make sure to check out this blog throughout 2012 for articles about specific product launches and how InterCall is helping the workforce of today and tomorrow ‘change the world’.

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Generational Insights: Practical Solutions for Understanding and Engaging a Generationally Disconnected Workforce, October 2010 by Cam Marston

Cynthia Welch imageAs director of InterCall’s core services, Charlie is responsible for the product management of InterCall’s proprietary day-to-day collaboration services. Charlie joined InterCall after completing his business degree from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. Originally starting in sales, Charlie worked in InterCall’s business development team to help drive and support InterCall’s global sales efforts. In 2007, Charlie had the opportunity to spend a year in Singapore where he supported the restructuring of the office there and improving localization. Now back in Chicago, Charlie plays a key role in developing and improving InterCall’s core products. When not saving the world through collaboration services, Charlie enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, and daughter, Annie.

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