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Take Care of Your Ears
December 12, 2011 @ 10:00 AM | By Anusha Karnad

With all the people in this world, it’s not uncommon to find many wearing earphones or headphones to listen to their iPods or talk on their cell phones. They’ll also do it to block out ambient noise on buses, trains or just the street. And all of it can contribute to hearing loss.

Frequent use of headphones/earphones can be harmful to our ears, yet we still use them, or need them, for work or to be in compliance with hands-free laws.


If you are on audio conference calls all day, a headset is the only thing that can save your neck (holding the handset between your ear and your shoulder while you type on your keyboard for an hour could send you to the chiropractor). Even if you are answering the phone or, like my agents, listening to and editing recorded conference calls all day, a headset is a requirement. Still, you can’t ignore the toll this can eventually take on your ears.

Here are some tips which will help you to take care of your ears and your earphones/headsets:

  • Place your headset/earphones in a hygienic place.
  • Use good quality headsets/earphones.
  • Never keep your headset volume set at a high level.
  • Turn the volume down on your phone or MP3 player.
  • See your doctor if you have an earache. Ear infections can damage the ear drum or the bones of the middle ear, eventually causing hearing loss.
  • Stop smoking. Smokers are more likely to lose their hearing than non-smokers.
  • Keep your ears clean (it may be gross, but it’s the truth).

Anasha KarnadAnusha Karnad is a post call services lead at InterCall in Bangalore. She’s been with InterCall since 2009, working in customer service, training for new hires and account management where she helped customers with billing and service related questions. Anasha's background is in training voice, accent and soft skills for customer service agents.

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good article and so very true. insights we know but often ignore

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thanks for the insight.you said right or excess of everything is bad.moderations should be in every easiness.really awaring and need to share in friends.

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Listening to music on our headphones can be relaxing but can also cause ear problems that might damage our ear or parts of it.

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Thanks for this post. I use headphone 6 hour in a day.

Anusha Karnad

Thank you all for all your valuable feedback and comments.

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