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Will Windows Mobile Phones Make a Comeback?
October 26, 2011 @ 03:07 AM | By Ashley Davies

Oct. 17, 2011 (Bloomberg) -- British consumers will spend 19.3 billion pounds ($30.5 billion) by 2021 on purchases using their mobile phones as technology advances and more people have smartphones, Barclays Corporate estimated.

Over the last five years, the UK has experienced a huge boom in the smartphone market. Consumers are now favouring the iPhone or Android-powered devices in favour of the more basic options out there.

Long gone are the days of the ‘smart’ Windows® CE-powered phone or the market share enjoyed by Nokia with their Symbian-powered devices (the Nokia N95 was a huge success in its day). Now consumers want fast 3G Internet access, streamed video and audio and push-email that can be accessed and edited from a variety of devices simultaneously (Bluetooth headsets, iPads, laptops, etc.).

Android™’s market share has risen significantly in the UK over the last 12 months, gaining 34% on 2010’s figure to a total share of 45% of the smartphone market.

Apple, interestingly, has experienced a decline in market share, down 12% to 18% share with Blackberry® increasing their share by 2%, up to 22.3%. Nokia’s Symbian platform has experienced the largest drop from any provider, down 22% to just 10% market share.

However, one of the largest companies in the world has one of the lowest market share of the smartphone market—and it’s dropping. Windows. Window’s market share has halved over the last 12 months, landing it with just 2.7% of the smartphone market in the UK.


Although you may think that it’s safe to assume that Windows is dead in the water (especially since the epic fail of its Facebook-ready phone which was on the market for less than two months!), it may be about to make a massive comeback into the smartphone space.

So what proof do I have that Windows-powered mobile’s aren’t about to go the way of the dinosaur? Well, here I sit with two phones on my desk. A Windows 7-powered HTC Pro™ and an Android-powered HTC Wildfire S™.

Both phones are built by HTC and have pretty similar features, in terms of touch-screens and cameras, but the Windows-powered phone seems to be in a league of its own.

Let’s take an example. Whilst on the road last week, my laptop battery died, so I had to rely on my phones for information. The Windows 7 mobile kept me up to date with my Outlook® email and enabled me to use Office365 on the handset to finish up a spreadsheet that I needed to email later that day. (On my Android device, I’m limited to using Google Apps, so I knew my colleagues would have problems editing the spreadsheet.) Not only that, I was able to talk to my colleague using the mobile version of Microsoft Lync™, meaning that although my laptop was dead, I could stay in touch with the team, send over the spreadsheet and stay productive.

Although Microsoft may be the underdog for another year, they have a lot of features set to launch which will be game-changers. The acquisition of Skype means that integration of Skype into Windows Mobile, Lync and Xbox will increase collaboration and communication between converged devices, making it even easier to stay in touch and collaborate with colleagues and family members all over the world.

Do you have a preferred platform? Have you tried using Lync to stay connected while on the road? If you haven’t, you can register for a free trial of our hosted version of Lync at www.lynctrial.com to test it out.

Ashley DaviesAshley Davies is the small and medium sized business (SMB) manager in InterCall’s UK and European (EMEA) division and is responsible for managing the suite of services InterCall offers that are specifically designed for SMB customers. Before joining InterCall, Ashley worked as the sales manager for a free publication and studied for a degree in entrepreneurship and small business. In his spare time, Ashley likes to surf and work on his house.

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Rhon White

If anyone can make a comeback in the mobile industry, it’s the software giant, Microsoft. That is all very nice in theory, but the question remains, can the world’s largest software company ever come back from the Windows Mobile operating system and leave a real mark on this space? The answer, we believe, is yes, and Microsoft is making all the right moves.

Fusion Mobile

Microsoft is finally delivering on their Windows Phone platform. With Windows 8 due next year culminating in their “three screen” strategy of the Metro user interface (UI) on PC, tablet and smartphone, then Microsoft have to been seen as a potential future market leader. Also with the delivery of the new Lync 2010 mobile app for Windows Phone (http://www.fusionmobile.co.uk/microsoft-deliver-lync-2010-mobile-app-for-windows-phone-today/), unified communications is at the heart of Windows Phone.

billigste mobilabonnement

I truly believe that Microsoft has a bright future. Their newest operating system Windows 7 is infact very good, and they have lots of other high-tech projects. So I am very exited about their future.

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