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Improve Productivity with Record & Playback
October 20, 2011 @ 10:13 AM | By Christina Todisco

How often do you host a conference call and at least one person who needs to be there can’t make it. Or, maybe you have meetings that you need to be able to go back and listen to again. This happens to many of us, which is why one of the most popular features of our reservationless conferencing service is Record & Playback. Right from your phone conference, a simply command lets you archive a conference call. You can even start and stop the recording throughout the meeting if you want to create segment or only record certain portions.

Not only is the feature easy to use, but accessing the recording later is just as simple. You can listen over the Internet or by dialing a toll-free number. You may also purchase a CD, downloadable link or a transcription of your recording.

For those of you who haven’t figured out how to be in two places at once or who don’t have superpowers that allow you to recall everything you’ve ever heard, Record & Playback could be just what you needed. Below you’ll find instructions to use for your next audio conference call.


Starting a Recording

  1. Once your conference begins, press *2 on your telephone keypad to start a recording.
  2. When prompted, press 1 to confirm that you would like the recording to begin.
  3. our conference is being recorded once you hear, 'The conference is now being recorded.

Pausing/Resuming a Recording

  1. Press *2 to pause your recording.
  2. When prompted, press 2 to confirm you would like the recording to pause. You will hear a beep once the pause in the recording begins.
  3. To resume your recording, press *2.
  4. When prompted, press 2 to confirm you would like to resume the recording. You will hear a beep once the recording has resumed.

Ending a Recording

  1. Press *2 to end your recording.
  2. When prompted, press 1 to confirm that you would like the recording to end.
  3. Your recording will end once you hear, 'This conference is no longer being recorded.

Playback a Recording
Detailed playback instructions will be automatically emailed to you within one hour after the end of your conference. You can choose to playback your recording over the Internet or by telephone. Your recorded conference is available for playback for a period of 30 days.

Playback Keypad Commands

    3 Fast forward 30 seconds
    7 Rewind 30 seconds
    # Pause 30 seconds (or until any key is pressed)
    * Exit recording

Think this might be helpful for your meetings? Have you used this feature before? How do you increase productivity by making information more accessible?

Christina TodiscoChristina Todisco is a marketing manager at InterCall and has been in the conferencing industry since 2002. Christina currently provides product marketing support for InterCall’s audio services, reporting and invoice solutions and InterCall Online. When not working, Christina enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, family and friends.

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