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What Would Zack Morris Do with a Mobile Phone?
August 16, 2011 @ 10:12 AM | By Charlie Connor

What is the first thing you do when you wake up each morning? Ok, after you go to the bathroom. You check your mobile phone.

For some people this actually might be what wakes them up in the morning. There are catch phrases now like “There's an app for that” or “Droid does” that would make no sense to Zack Morris when he had his mobile phone. How many times do you see an iReport story on CNN, breaking news sent in by someone who just happened to catch something interesting and shot it with their mobile device?

There’s no denying that mobile has permeated our lives. It has almost gotten to the point where you'd rather lose your wallet than your mobile phone because it serves as a camera, photo album, TV remote, home phone and diary. We don’t just watch TV anymore—we use our mobile devices while doing so. Nielsen’s research in fact found that 70% of tablet owners use their tablet while watching TV. Check out this chart of Nielsen’s findings on when users “enjoy” their new mobile gadgets. Who would have thought that the bathroom would make the top of the list?


Typically after consumers adopt a new tool, the business world is not far behind. Just look what Microsoft is going to start doing with Skype, which has moved from an easy way to show the grandparents how big the kids are getting to becoming a fairly widespread business tool.

InterCall recognizes the way mobile has become a critical tool in our communications and workplace productivity. We believe that if we are going to continue to provide you with the ideal way to collaborate with your colleagues and customers, we must address your mobile needs. This means integrating mobile solutions into our conference call and online meeting services.

Our strategy for mobile conferencing solutions is being built around making it easier for you to schedule, invite, host, join and see who is with you on your conference calls. We have recently partnered with top developers and award-winning designers to help bring our application to groundbreaking standards. Over the next six months you'll start to see an industry-leading application evolve that will become a part of your everyday interaction.

Zack Morris could have really used InterCall’s mobile solutions to put together his plans to skip class or get Slater and Screech to help him manage three dates in one night. By the way, have you checked out the newly released Facebook Messenger app yet? Imagine what would have happened at Bayside High with that!

How do you use these mobile tools in your business or personal life?

Cynthia Welch imageAs director of InterCall’s core services, Charlie is responsible for the product management of InterCall’s proprietary day-to-day collaboration services. Charlie joined InterCall after completing his business degree from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University. Originally starting in sales, Charlie worked in InterCall’s business development team to help drive and support InterCall’s global sales efforts. In 2007, Charlie had the opportunity to spend a year in Singapore where he supported the restructuring of the office there and improving localization. Now back in Chicago, Charlie plays a key role in developing and improving InterCall’s core products. When not saving the world through collaboration services, Charlie enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie, and daughter, Annie.

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I think he will add more built-in apps through functionality. Anywhere from GPS to VOIP will be a much welcome addition. They must also add fun apps.

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