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Turn Your Web Site into Your #1 Salesperson: How to Get a Business-Building, Money-Making Site
July 12, 2011 @ 08:52 AM | By Tonya Hottmann

Anyone can build a company web site, but not all web sites are put together effectively and to their highest potential. The best web sites act as virtual sales representatives and attract visitors, grow database lists, make sales and communicate with clients and prospects. Most importantly, they grab the right prospects' attention and convince them to take action.

But, you can't just release any web site and expect it to immediately start growing your business. You have to understand how people navigate and use the web while applying a touch of sales and marketing psychology.

Thankfully, this isn’t hard to do once you know the basics. In this fun, totally non-technical session, Stacy Karacostas explains what you—the entrepreneur—need to know in order to turn your web site into a money-making machine.

Join us for a free webinar on July 27, 2011 at 1:00 PM Eastern and you’ll discover:

  • Simple secrets most web designers never tell you
  • What customers truly want to know about you, your business, and your products
  • Key things your site needs to ensure prospects buy from you
  • How to fix the problems that scare customers away from your site

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About Our Speaker
A practical marketing expert, award-winning entrepreneur and author of “The Small Business Website Bible,” Stacy Karacostas specializes in helping entrepreneurs discover how to replicate, automate and delegate to take more sales and marketing off their plates.

She’s particularly passionate about helping small business owners avoid becoming another web site horror story. Instead,she shows them exactly what their web site really needs to do, be and say in order for it to grow their businesses on autopilot.

Stacy’s clients regularly see up to a 300% increase in their own web site sales and conversions by following her advice. She’s the author of hundreds of articles on sales, marketing and web sites published in more than five countries and two languages. In January 2011, she was listed as one of three small business marketing consultants you should listen to on StartUpNation.com.

Tonya Hottmann imageTonya Hottmann is the director of marketing at InterCall, responsible for direct response marketing programs. Before joining InterCall, Tonya ran a boutique marketing consulting firm for 10 years. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, exercising and spending summer days at the beach.

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Home-Based Business

Awesome blog post! Actually, I have been searching for information about this because I really want my website to make more money. I have been doing a research about the strategies that I need to do to rank in google but so far no one work.. Thanks to your post..this is really amazing..Keep posting!!!

Matt @ Easy Home Based Business

Like you said, the best websites have a total system that moves cold traffic through the marketing funnel while building a relationship and rapport with the prospect.

How was the webinar?

Jill Huselton

The webinar was great! Here's a link to the archive if you want to check it out: http://streamingevents.reg.meeting-stream.com/webinar07272011/.

web design

Sounds like an interesting webinar. Awareness of the latest trends in web design and development, as well as SEO are among the essentials to get your site up and raking money.

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