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Have You Been Bitten by the Green Bug?
April 22, 2011 @ 03:04 PM | By Cynthia Welch

Being green is a big deal in my household. Earth day is typically filled with a few events that commemorate the day. How did I become such a tree hugger so to speak? It happened a few years ago when my husband had a stressful job that required him to commute and be away from home more than usual. This meant that household chores such as taking the garbage out fell on me. The garbage bags were heavy and the pizza boxes wouldn’t fit into the dainty garbage can I bought to match the stainless steel appliances. That’s when I had an ingenious plan to set aside the pizza boxes and recycle them.

That is when the green bug bit me. Slowly, I started putting aside everything that was cardboard, then all the plastic bottles and aluminum cans. A mountain of cardboard started to build in my laundry room but it wasn’t a burden as much as a tiny source of pride. The small impact the recycling made inspired me to want to do more. Article after article I began to understand how individuals and even corporations were creating solutions that saved resources and benefited the planet. What could I do to be a part of this movement? I thought long and hard about the many ways that I could change the planet. Recycle, check. What’s next?

At the same time, our country experienced an economic crisis comparable to one my generation had only read about in school. Gas prices were at a high and everyone was looking to save money. Individuals were car pooling to work, companies were laying off and everyone in the country was doing more with less. That’s when it hit me, InterCall can help. There isn’t a need for companies to spend on air fare, hotels and per diems. Conferencing helps people connect globally, and we do this daily.

I feel inspired at the impact InterCall makes in reducing the carbon footprint of thousands of companies worldwide. By conferencing we can reduce the use of precious resources such as gas and even trees. Not only is InterCall changing the way the world collaborates through our audio, video, web, mobile and unified communications solutions, but InterCall is a corporately responsible organization. InterCall has encouraged its employees to get involved in environmentally conscious projects in addition to social organizations such as the Fuller Project and the United Way.

Now I can say that along with my recycling I too am making a positive impact on the planet by helping people connect, collaborate and grow. Have you been bit by the green bug? Set up a meeting and start saving the planet today.

Cynthia Welch is an associate product manager for all things audio here at InterCall. Her primary focus is on the expansion of global transport and meeting the branding needs of our customers. She has been with the InterCall in this capacity for over 6 years. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter as well as traveling.

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