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Conference Accounts for Everyone
April 29, 2011 @ 01:04 PM | By Cody Royster

InterCall has built our business serving the communication needs of businesses of all sizes, but a good portion of our business has historically come from large organizations. This global customer base helps us continually improve our offerings so they can keep their companies moving forward.

In the last few years, as the number of small and medium sized businesses (SMB) has grown, we’ve seen a demand for conferencing services that meet the specific needs of this segment of the market. One of the most frequently asked questions that comes in to our customer service teams is about our SMB offering. So, in an effort to help get some information out there, here’s what you need to know.

When you go to our web site, you can sign up for a dedicated audio conference account or purchase the audio and web combo package. With either one, you have your own virtual meeting room that is available at any time.

Audio Conferencing Only – Start an audio conference call on-the-fly or plan ahead. Your dedicated dial-in number and conference code is always ready. You also have access to project codes for client billback or immediate operator assistance.

  • Unlimited usage at a LOW flat rate
  • Dedicated dial-in number and conference code
  • Anytime access, without reservations
  • Operator assistance

Online Meetings – Instead of just telling them what you're talking about, add web conferencing for your next meeting so they can see it. Our audio and web conferencing are tightly integrated, so you get two services in one easy-to-use online interface.

  • Schedule meetings from Outlook®
  • Access meetings with one click
  • Share presentations and applications
  • Discuss and edit documents in real-time
  • Deliver demos online
  • Send polling questions

Quality of Service
As far as quality and reliability go, these services are running from the same platforms that our enterprise audio and web conferencing services use, so you can be sure you’re getting the same uptime our Fortune 100 customers have. After all, it doesn’t matter what size business you work for, no one can afford to look unprofessional in a meeting, right?

Signing Up
Within 30 minutes of signing up, you'll receive a welcome email containing your account details. From there, you can host conference calls and/or online meetings anytime you need them.

When you do pick a plan that’s right for you, just enter a valid credit card during sign up and you're all set. Based on the package you choose, your service will bill automatically, either monthly or annually.

I hope this helps answer some questions, but you can always check out our web site or call us at 877.314.4341. We’ve also recently launched these same types of packages in Europe for SMBs based in EMEA.

And, as I mentioned, we are always open to feedback, so if you are using or evaluating these packages, please let us know what you think works or could be better.

Cody RoysterCody Royster is an Analyst Supervisor with our North America Operations team at InterCall. Having worked across the country in our operations, video, web, training, customer service, and sales department, Cody has been dedicated for the past 10 years to help promote, create, and manage InterCall’s conferencing services. He is a loving husband and enjoys photography and hosting dinner parties.

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margaret bell

thinking of a webinar I want to do and wonder what the cost would be, I'm thinking 100 people join eithr by computer and/or phone and it will take approx. 1 hr. start to finish.


Every event is different, so it is hard to give you a price. Contact our event specialists at 800.820.5855 and they can help make sure you have everything you need for a successful webinar.

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