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Streaming at the Oscars
March 3, 2011 @ 09:20 AM | By Marty Dunne

Did you watch that woman during the Oscars spew an f-bomb while accepting her Academy Award? I may be old-fashioned, but should a woman (or man) dressed in impeccable formal attire be spouting curse words? Oscars1-sm.jpg It really stunned me. Sadly, it was the most interesting part of my night since I watched the whole boring show. The entire program, from the lackluster performances to the juvenile hosts, did not keep any of my attention. Did you feel the same way?

If so, maybe you should have tuned into the Academy Award’s LIVE stream of the event. Did you know that you could watch 360 degree coverage LIVE of all the spaces in the Kodak Theater during Oscar night, including backstage and the green room? This year, watching ABC’s stream in conjunction with the actual TV broadcast was an important media opportunity for viewers like me who wanted more action. This was likely a lot more interesting than watching that stage performance of those “beginner” talents as hosts. It’s my humble opinion that their stars are not bright enough to host this event in the Abc_oscars2 company of the legends they recognized. I am old enough to remember legends like Bob Hope who hosted the Awards—funny, little irreverent AND always elegant.

Would you rather watch the LIVE streams of impromptu celebrity behavior  or suffer through the speeches and commercials?  I think I’ll be streaming next year —maybe while watching the show on TV.  I’d love to hear your opinions on this. Perhaps you’ll agree that the most entertaining place for a camera would have been to watch a LIVE stream in the living room of the parents of the potty-mouthed, f-bomb-droppin’ woman. Good stuff! You agree?

MartyMarty Dunne is executive vice president of sales for InterCall. His commitment to working and playing hard results in his ability to lead a fast-paced, energetic, goal-achieving environment with over 325 field sales members in 26 offices in North America. Because Marty has worked for InterCall since 1994, he has been involved in virtually every development of conferencing’s life cycle. People often attribute Marty as the guidepost of InterCall’s street reputation, inspiring the most passionate and high-energy sales team in the industry.

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I agree with you Marty. I TiVO everything before I watch it, especially sports. It cuts viewing time in half. If you measure the time it takes the pitcher to throw a ball and for the catcher to return it, a baseball game would be over in 23 minutes. Add streaming to sports would certainly make it much more interesting. Same for award shows. How about streaming for video conferences. (!) ?


I prefer the Grammy's to the Oscars. At least with the Grammy's you get performances. The Oscars are boring for the most part. However, I do like to watch the red carpet pre-shows just to see what everyone is wearing, etc. Now that I know about this streaming option, I will definitely check it out for Oscars 2012.

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