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I’M Waiting!
March 24, 2011 @ 01:26 PM | By Sarah Murphy

We live in a culture that is designed to minimize the amount of time we wait. From Fastpass access at Disney World to online check-in for flights and next day/overnight delivery options, minimized wait time is a big selling point. And just today I saw an ad on television for a national pharmacy chain promising 15 minute turn around time for filling prescriptions! Even in the business world we use instant messenger (IM) to eliminate the wait time for getting answers to our questions.


Regardless if we are home-based workers or office commuters, IM helps us get questions answered quickly. But what happens when what you thought was a quick question goes a little further? What if you don’t have the luxury of walking down the hall to get the answer you need because that person is in another location? Sometimes a quick online “show and tell” session will make all the difference in getting the answers you need when you need them.

Sure you can send documents through your IM client but it can be cumbersome, slow, stall or fail. Even if it does go through, you may have distributed a copy of something that might not be ready to be shared. Or the recipient doesn’t have the program required to open what you sent. The solution? Turn your instant message into an instant meeting using InterCall Unified Meeting!

With four clicks of your mouse, you can start a meeting and use the quick invite feature to seamlessly send your IM contacts a link to join your meeting. They simply click the link in their IM window to join the meeting. No extra set-up or install required!

From there you can show and share the copy of the document, get their input and finalize it for distribution. That’s how easily you can turn an IM conversation into a real one and get more done in less time—wherever you are. No need to schedule in advance, no set-up, no wait times!

When it comes to meetings, what keeps you waiting the most?

Sarah MurphySarah Murphy is a marketing manager at InterCall. With over ten years of experience in the conferencing industry, Sarah has worked with customers and products that cover all segments of conferencing, including traditional operator attended services, video and online meeting solutions.

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