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Make New Hires Ready for the Job Faster with Web-based Training
February 22, 2011 @ 04:22 PM | By Cambria Vaccaro

No one likes to lose good employees. When people leave your company, you have to start with new hires—and this means training them. Cut down new hire ramp time with web-based training.

Web-based training gets new hires ready for the job.

Start new hire training before their first day

Get new hires started in training at night while they work their last two weeks with their current employer. By doing flex-time training over the web, you won't have to pull your seasoned employees out of the field.

Pre-record sessions for independent learning, host real-time web meetings for interaction or use a combination of the two so that new hires have a chance to learn at their own pace with the opportunity to have questions answered by seasoned veterans.

Is Web-based Training as Effective?

You know that web-based training can save you time—but is it as effective as face-to-face training? It is if you choose the right full-featured services from a reputable company like InterCall. Cisco WebExTM Training Center, provided by InterCall, gives you all the tools you need to train employees quickly and effectively:

  • Testing and Grading: Track a new hire's performance pre- and post-session.
  • Breakout Sessions: Encourage small group learning as instructors “walk around the room” to see how each group is doing and answer questions.
  • Archived Materials: Access for review at later times.
  • Attendance Tracking: Keep track of which training sessions each new hire has attended to monitor their progress.

WebEx Training Center On-Demand is an add-on feature that provides the tools for you to add course materials, recorded training sessions and assessments on the trainees' schedule.

Do you have new hires? Can web-based training help you speed up the ramp time at your company?

Cam_blog Cambria Vaccaro is the Senior Director, Marketing Communications and our “Industry News” blogger.  Cambria has been in the conferencing industry for nearly fifteen years, and has seen it evolve from a traditional video bridging service to include cool web features and remote communication services.  She is an avid runner, cook, wife and mother of two gorgeous girls.

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