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It's Business As Usual
February 3, 2011 @ 12:36 PM | By Nicole Scheel

Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, SnOMG, Snowtorious B.I.G. – all words used by my Facebook friends to describe what’s happening in Chicago right now!  At first I was a little skeptical that the “storm of the decade” was going to actually hit, but when it started the other day I became a believer.  Travel times were over three hours for a commute that would have normally taken 30 minutes, wind gusts were upwards of 50 MPH and what really solidified it for me was yesterday morning when I went to open my front door. I couldn’t because it—there was an eight foot snow drift in front of it!  It was at that moment that I thought; thank god I work for a conferencing company!

My heart goes out to those that work in professions that don’t have the ability to work from home when something like this happens. For example, my step-mom is a nurse who ended up walking five miles to the hospital because she and my dad couldn’t get the car out of the garage. Talk about dedication to her patients! 

Fortunately, for those of us who are lucky enough to be able to work from home, conferencing still allows us to conduct business as usual.  When I realized I wasn’t going to make it into the office (unlike my step-mom, I wasn’t willing to walk my 40 mile commute to work) I looked over my calendar and saw I had five meetings scheduled for the day, three of them were supposed to be in person.  I was able to open up my calendar invite and with a simple click of my InterCall Unified Meeting plug-in, I added a web and audio component to the meeting. Business as usual, well except for the 20 inches of snow that I’m looking at out my window. 

Has conferencing ever got you out of a pinch?  If so, let me know how in the comments section below.


Nicole Scheel is the Director of Training, and the “Tips & Training Blogger”. Nicole has been in training with InterCall for eleven years and currently manages our internal and customer training departments, also known as InterCall University. Nicole has her Masters in Training & Development from Roosevelt University. When she's not training someone, you can find Nicole volunteering in her community.

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