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I’m Not Gonna Try It - You Try It
December 16, 2010 @ 08:00 AM | By Sarah Murphy

He likes it! Remember Mikey and Life Cereal?

Amazing what great things you will discover when you try something new. The hard part is getting someone to take that first step and actually try it. Sometimes, like with Mikey, you have to put the bowl of cereal right in front of them.

Granted, trying a new breakfast cereal is a small investment, but when you are jumping into the world of web conferencing, the decision can be overwhelming, especially for the small business or the non-profit organization.

I recently attended an in-person information meeting for a nation-wide charity fundraiser hosted by a non-profit organization. This was the only in-person session on their schedule as the remaining ones were going to be conducted using good old audio-only phone conferencing.

After the presentation I asked the host if her organization had ever considered incorporating web conferencing into their phone sessions to recreate the visual impact her live presentation had. I couldn’t imagine those on the phone walking away with the same level of excitement or motivation like those of us in the room. Her questions covered the spectrum of concerns from financial to the unsure.

  • Oh it’s not in our budget. Is it expensive?
  • Isn’t that used in big companies?
  • Which product do we pick?
  • How do we learn to use it?

When I mentioned our free trial programs, I could see the thoughts running thought her head: 30 days to try it out, test, rehearse and practice at no charge. I followed that up with all the free training we provide to make sure those who are new to hosting meetings online have a successful start. Yup, the bowl of cereal was right in front of her.

Try it free for 30 days and you’ll be asking yourself what’s not to like, Mikey?

Sarah MurphySarah Murphy is a marketing manager at InterCall. With over ten years of experience in the conferencing industry, Sarah has worked with customers and products that cover all segments of conferencing, including traditional operator attended services, video and online meeting solutions.

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