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Bring out the Holly
December 9, 2010 @ 09:20 AM | By Marty Dunne

This weekend, I trudged up and down our basement stairs over sixty times while I muscled all the holiday trimmings to our living room. It’s an exhausting exercise but has a very BIG payout at the end. This year, that was a BIG glass of red wine that went along with the first look at my wife’s extraordinary decorating accomplishments.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—or is it? It’s a time for overcrowded shopping malls and paper cuts from freshly sheered gift-wrap. It’s a time for commercialism at its best and TSA-enhanced pat downs at their worst. It’s the Christmas season with all the hectic trimmings. This year, I wonder if I will even make it to January 1 without spending ALL my children’s college savings and without completely forgetting my wife’s tireless requirement for a little holiday jewel.

What I wish to comment on is in response to an article on the Huffington Post. Author Inder Sidhu, senior vice president of strategy and planning for worldwide operations at Cisco, suggests technology can save us from all the Christmas chaos—technology is the answer to a better holiday season. Additionally, if you are smart and make technology part of your New Year’s resolution, you have a fighting chance to keep the holly-jolly spirit all year long.

For me, the answer is delivered in the form of Cyber Monday. To those unfamiliar, Cyber Monday is Black Friday’s evil twin, only it’s shopping online. I think online shopping is great and only evil for the unrealized affliction puts onto my credit card with each new site I surf and shop. Sitting on my sofa and clicking a few buttons to rid myself of the burden of busy malls is GREAT. I’m a big fan! Avoid the crowds and still get the deals? This is a no brainer.

Technology, this holiday, is also providing an alternative to travel. Baggage fees, TSA pat downs, delays, overcrowded airports, hours in the car on the jam-packed interstate be gone! This year, millions of Americans will fire up their web cams and meet with family and friends via Skype, Apple ichat and other video-related solutions. Cisco has even begun to market a consumer-geared video conferencing unit called the Umi. It is fun and the size of a 32 inch HD-quality TV.

This holiday season, the future is calling. Have you answered yet?

MartyMarty Dunne is executive vice president of sales for InterCall. His commitment to working and playing hard results in his ability to lead a fast-paced, energetic, goal-achieving environment with over 325 field sales members in 26 offices in North America. Because Marty has worked for InterCall since 1994, he has been involved in virtually every development of conferencing’s life cycle. People often attribute Marty as the guidepost of InterCall’s street reputation, inspiring the most passionate and high-energy sales team in the industry.

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