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The New Airline Seating: Sky Rider and Convertible Class
November 19, 2010 @ 05:42 AM | By Marty Dunne

The airline industry introduced a fabulous new seating arrangement today...the ‘Sky Rider'. Instead of sitting in a seat on the plane, you sit/stand straight up, like a cowboy, in a ‘saddle'. Dominique Menoud, the spokesperson said, “Cowboys ride eight hours a day on their horses and still feel comfortable in the saddle.” Instead of seats being 32 inches away from the guy behind you, he’s now in his saddle breathing down your back 23 inches away.

Boy, that sounds like a fun plane ride.

I’ve got an idea for the industry to save even more space and cram more people on a flight. Let’s skip carry-on luggage altogether. God only knows how many people you could shove in those overhead racks. There's more than enough room in there for people.

Ok, you can probably sense the sarcasm, but there's no denying the airline industry, in the quest for higher margins and preferred revenue outcomes, has resorted to extra fees and increased inconveniences for the airline traveler. Today, I am flabbergasted with the business world’s willingness to accept these conditions when alternatives exist for communication tools and meeting with people.

When technology like telepresence, video conferencing or easy-to-use webcams exist today for business people, I am surprised that their adoption has not been more explosive. There are hours of time-wasting, brain-numbing airport meandering that most travelers experience at some point during every trip. Perhaps I am alone in thinking that the inconveniences of airline travel are enough to get business travelers to attempt using technology for their meetings more regularly. But, who knows? Perhaps the airline industry is thinking of another exciting opportunity for business travel, like ‘Convertible Class’ seating? There’s gotta be a way you could strap a bunch of people on the wings.

What's your worst airplane-crunching, seat-in-the-knees, no-overhead-space story?

MartyMarty Dunne is executive vice president of sales for InterCall. His commitment to working and playing hard results in his ability to lead a fast-paced, energetic, goal-achieving environment with over 325 field sales members in 26 offices in North America. Because Marty has worked for InterCall since 1994, he has been involved in virtually every development of conferencing’s life cycle. People often attribute Marty as the guidepost of InterCall’s street reputation, inspiring the most passionate and high-energy sales team in the industry.

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Brady Slezak

Not to mention the fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME people travel someone on the plane is sick. SO to top off your business trip that wasted countless hours of your life waiting in lines, getting frisked by security guards and fighting to get on the plane first so you can find an overhead bin you spend your next week sick with the flu. Once we can teleport I will fly for business. Until then I will continue to use the technology we have today....

Marty Dunne

You are so right. Hopefully the technology you are using includes conferencing. Have you found it works just as well (or better) than being there in person?

Yank Dines

great post..

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