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If Only Auto Repair Were This Easy...
November 5, 2010 @ 10:20 AM | By Support Squad

Have you ever attempted something seemingly simple like changing the headlamp on your automobile? I recently endeavored in this task myself after receiving a “friendly” warning from local law enforcement that my driver’s side lamp required replacement. Frustration seems to be inherent to the auto-part replacement process.  Almost nothing is universal, most parts in the store are difficult to locate without assistance, and part manuals indentifying the right part for your car are never in the spot where you’d assume they’d be located. 

In my case, the part manual I was able to find included information relevant through 2002, and since my Corolla was manufactured in 2005, my confidence in obtaining the right lamp was shaky at best.  After my best effort to identify the right part per the outdated information, I returned home to start the apparently easy task of headlamp replacement.  I was happy to find the process as simple as I’d hoped, but suffered disappointment soon after starting when the lamp I’d purchased was not what I needed to fit my car’s connection. Wrong part! Ugh!

I returned to the store with the old part in hand, matched it with the correct one, and finally succeeded with the replacement process, all the while lamenting the fact there was no easy way to convert my connector to fit the part I’d purchased in the first place. How could this be so difficult for someone like me (who prefers self-help to asking someone else to take on a simple task like this one) to find the information and hardware required for the job?

Technology can present similar challenges to auto repair, when you think about it. For instance, proprietary formats limit the ability of users to render content should they not have the application installed that is specific to that format. Like auto parts, it seems that universal formats are difficult to come by.  Luckily, at the same time, technology can be more flexible than an engine or electrical connection, and formats can be converted and rendered viewable by more universally used apps.  Again, however, those of us who prefer the self-help route covet and require quick, current, and accessible information that can assist us in achieving whatever objective we set out to accomplish.

InterCall strives to meet this need through our customer-focused knowledge base which provides guidance on common technical questions and issues, and is updated on a weekly basis in order to maintain the most current information available. View an article here that details the process for converting a Cisco WebEx archive in proprietary .arf format to a more universal file type which can be played back in Windows Media Player or Flash per the end user’s preference. Current information. Universal fit. If only auto repair were this easy.

Jake Bendrick is a web operations manager at InterCall

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Pat Nicoll

Seems like there are a couple lessons learned: 1) taking the old part with you will definitely help finding the correct replacement, and 2)Use technology: You might try searching on the internet for the correct part for your particular year/make/model vehicle. The auto manufacturers in an effort to make cars more energy efficient and provide more features have made them much more complicated and therefore more expensive to repair and maintain. Ah for that simple 1957 Chevy.

Projector Headlights

It's always good to rely on knowledgeable customer service if you don't know what you're looking for. If not, you will be stranded on thinking and doubting and wasting your time completely.

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