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3 Steps to Corporate Success
October 14, 2010 @ 12:35 PM | By Sara Steele

As featured in Smart Business Chicago | October 2010

Scott Etzler joined InterCall as president in 1998 when the company had less than $50 million in revenue. He has since led the company through double-digit sales growth each year to 2009 revenue of more than $1 billion. In this time, he has grown InterCall’s product suite from solely offering operator assisted calls to providing and managing advanced audio, web, video, event and now Unified Communications services.

So, what are his secrets to success? In an interview with Smart Business Online, ScottChicsetzler1101_00000012260  
details his strategic decision making process towards InterCall’s growth opportunities in the global conferencing and collaboration market. Here’s a look at what he has to say:

  1. Listen to the Market - The ability to identify opportunities begins with understanding the marketplace. This means listening to your customers and employees and evaluating industry trends—all of which can provide valuable perspectives.
  2. Assess the Potential - Once you identify opportunity in the marketplace, you need to assess the potential.  Basically, you need to determine how badly customers want it and what internal processes it will take to provide it. Use your customers to test the need in the marketplace as well as the potential revenue it could bring.
  3. Keep Questioning - Continue communicating with customers in your pipeline to keep gauging the need. That communication shouldn’t stop post launch. You need to keep monitoring and keep questioning the information you receive to ensure your timing and execution is on target!

This technique has proved successful for Scott Etzler and the entire InterCall organization, but is just one of the many perspectives. Read more about how Scott evaluates growth opportunities at InterCall and tell us what drives your business success.

Sara Steele is a Marketing Coordinator at InterCall.

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