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The Magic Potato Button
September 29, 2010 @ 03:17 PM | By Jill Huselton

One of my challenges (yes, there are many) with cooking is that I’ve never been able to make a good baked potato. My friends will attest that I’ve called them asking questions: How many holes should I poke in them? Do I microwave them or put them in the oven? How long should they cook? Do I wrap them in foil? I know, you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard, but my kids have eaten one too many undercooked potatoes.

Recently, though, I discovered the Potato button on my microwave and everything changed. With the push of a single button, I get perfect potatoes! Genius! My husband even requested that I add baked potatoes to our dinner rotation.

Just like the Potato button, I still learn new things about conferencing, even though I am probably on 15-20 audio conference calls and web conferences each week. On my InterCall account, the security passcode feature was turned on, which meant that every time I wanted to start a call, I had to go through the five second prompt and then bypass the feature. Sometimes I’d hit the wrong button and would have to start all over again (inevitably, that was when I was already running late). I know for a lot of people, this is a much needed or required feature, but for my meetings, it isn’t something I have to have.

Guess what I found out? InterCall account holders can use our online account management tool, InterCall Online, to turn account features on and off. Again, genius! I didn’t have to find a break in my day to bother customer service to do it for me and I found a lot of other things in my profile that I could change. As a result, I’ve tailored my account and my meetings to exactly what works for me. You should try it sometime!

I also highly recommend the Popcorn button on the microwave, but beware: The smell of burned popcorn lingers.

Have you found features of your conferencing account that make your meetings better?

Jill Huselton is a Senior Marketing Manager at InterCall

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