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Oh, How Times Have Changed
September 16, 2010 @ 09:00 AM | By Jill Huselton

When my college girlfriends and I have our annual get together, the conversations inevitably go around work, kids and then how old we feel. Those college days seem like just a year or two ago, not the….well, I’m not going to say it.

I will date myself by saying that life would have been easier back at old DPU if we’d had cell phones to know where to meet and when, computers instead of the word processor/typewriter combo and the Internet instead of microfiche or inter-library loan.

Now it seems like the latest thing to change university life is streaming. In a recent survey conducted by InterCall about the use of streaming on campus, we found:

  • Use of streaming is on the rise — Eight in ten students (78 percent) report that professors have made lectures available either by live video feed or posting a videotaped lecture for students to access online. Nearly a third (30 percent) say their professors use web streaming frequently.
  • People want to be in two places at once — Almost half (48 percent) of students take multiple classes scheduled for the same time which was virtually impossible before streaming. Also, 63 percent “attend” classes even though they are in reality, out of town.
  • Students are taking control over the way they learn — Nearly 60 percent say streaming video allows them to spend more time studying by themselves and grasp concepts better because they can go at their own pace (44 percent).

Of course, the other benefits of having courses available via video online the students cited (and don’t necessarily want their parents to know) are “not having to get dressed for class,” “being able to take more naps during the day” and “being able to take a vacation without having to miss class.”

From our perspective, this is great because InterCall Streaming can lead the way as the education and distance learning market is really taking off. From our customers’ perspective, it can open your eyes to the way the workers of tomorrow are used to learning. Hopefully it can help you plan your new hire training and employee development programs to be in tune with options for delivering valuable content.

How are you training today and what are your plans to adapt in the next two, five and ten years?

Jill Huselton is a Senior Marketing Manager at InterCall

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