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Look Bigger with the Best Conference Call Service Money Can Buy
May 5, 2010 @ 12:43 PM | By Cambria Vaccaro

Small to medium size business (SMB) owners know it's important to think big and look big in order to grow. As Winston Churchill said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” What does your conference call service or video conference software say about your company's attitude?

If you rely on a free conference call service, you may not be getting the best. You may have dropped calls, background noise, static or even technical difficulties at times when you can't reach support staff. Whether you're holding a free webinar for prospects or a conference call to brainstorm with existing clients, a cheap conference call service makes you look small. Clients may wonder, if you can't organize an effective conference call, do you have the resources to meet their needs and deliver the best service?

It sounds harsh, but it's true. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

The Best Web and Video Conference Software Makes You Look Bigger Than You Are

On the other hand, imagine getting a phone call from a top prospect. You want to share some documents with him, get his feedback and bring your top people onto the call so they can make changes based on his recommendations.

You suggest an impromptu conference call through InterCall's reservationless meeting room and, in seconds, you're all logged in and your client is viewing your online desktop. He's impressed with the best conference call service he's seen. You know how to leverage today's technology to get the job done. Not only does he like the delivery, but he likes your ideas. He makes a few minor edits ... and then asks you about the web and video conference software—it's the best he's seen.

You hesitate to tell him the price; it's so affordable, you don't want him to think you're “small.” You finally relent, spinning it as a cost-conscious solution to your online video conference and conference call needs. Saving money on such important services enhances productivity—and you can pass the savings on to your customers. Your client is sold—on everything.

SMB owners: Looking big when you're just starting out is a challenge all business owners face. What tactics have you employed to think, look and act big? Did they work?

Cam_blog Cambria Vaccaro is the Senior Director, Marketing Communications and our “Industry News” blogger.  Cambria has been in the conferencing industry for nearly fifteen years, and has seen it evolve from a traditional video bridging service to include cool web features and remote communication services.  She is an avid runner, cook, wife and mother of two gorgeous girls.

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