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Ash Clouds, Oil Spills and Storms...Oh My!
May 14, 2010 @ 02:12 PM | By Maribeth Brown

Now that the smoke (and volcanic ash) has cleared over Europe, it's back to business. But this won’t be the last travel interruption caused by acts of God, farm animal flus or creeping oil spills. In terms of time and logistics, we might never know the far-reaching economic impact of last month’s volcano. But many of those costly lost hours could have been saved with alternate communication and collaboration solutions, like video conferencing.

In the face of these constant threats, companies and government agencies need the confidence that they can continue to conduct business and day-to-day operations. Video conferencing brings employees face-to-face, speeding up decision-making and response time. Even under the most challenging conditions, video conferencing instantly connects users to managers, colleagues and clients, in real-time, while cutting both travel costs and the need for overtime hours.

Emergency situations or even simple geography can separate agencies from their field staffs and the communities they serve. That’s when video conferencing is at its most useful, pulling everyone back into one meeting environment and providing the comfort of being ‘right there.'

Incorporating a video conferencing solution now can help you realize substantial cost savings. By working with an experienced conferencing provider like InterCall, you can be sure to get the latest innovations and hardware, as well as proven reliability supported by industry-leading customer service. Plus, it will ensure that the next time the geologists and weatherman can’t predict if the worst has passed and everyone else is in panic mode, you’ll be the one with a back-up plan.

How are you re-evaluating your needs when it comes to alternatives to travel and disaster recovery communications? Could you meet instantly and effectively with key decision makers in the event of an emergency?

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