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InterCall Continues Quest for the Best Hold Music in Town
April 8, 2010 @ 03:39 PM | By Jill Huselton

The InterCall Lounge
We could say that the new tunes available in the InterCall Lounge are “not your father's hold music,” but that would be boring and uncreative—and the InterCall Lounge is anything but!

InterCall Listens

It all began when InterCall received user feedback about our audio conferencing systems. Users loved nearly everything about the conference experience—but they said the hold music could use some improvement.

We joined forces with Inspire, a leading music and branding company, with the goal of providing the best hold music available anywhere.

The hold music for our audio conferencing systems now includes top hits from cutting-edge artists at top record labels. We knew audio conference attendees would like it so much, they'd want to listen to it in between calls, too. So we launched the InterCall Lounge, where visitors can download free music in MP3 format from six featured artists.

InterCall Lounge, Volume 2

The second volume of InterCall Lounge can be heard right now and includes tunes from American Idol finalist Anne Marie and five other up-and-coming artists. A favorite of mine has been Trevor Hall. If you haven’t downloaded the free tracks yet, get them soon. We’ll be announcing Volume 3 in the coming weeks.

We know musical tastes differ, so we've aimed for a mix of pop, rock, country and even reggae. But all the music we've selected has one thing in common: it's designed to inspire our conference participants to new heights of creativity.

Because we care about what our customers think (you asked, so we changed our hold music just for you), we want your feedback. Listen to the music in our lounge, then take our quick survey and let us know if we really do have the best hold music around.

Jill Huselton is a Senior Marketing Manager at InterCall

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Your hold music is terrible. Often, I intentionally call into a meeting late just so that I can avoid it. You should enable a way to turn off the hold music without forcing the person who scheduled the call to turn on Quick Start. If music sales are an important part of your revenue stream, then you should partner with Pandora, Spotify and Rdio and figure out a way to play music that is customized to the taste of each caller. I absolutely HATE your otherwise decent service because of the misery of listening to your garbage music.

Carla Solomon

We are actually getting ready to roll out new songs from the InterCall Lounge, so hopefully you are signed up for that and will hear the new selections soon. If you aren't on the InterCall Lounge, contact customer service at call 800.374.2441 and they can set your account up with it. Also, you can submit your suggestions for the InterCall Lounge at http://lounge.intercall.com. You can listen to the next selection of artists and help choose which will be included in volume 10 of the InterCall Lounge! http://lounge.intercall.com/vote/vote-volume-10.php Hope this helps!


If you let your customers listen to Pandora, it would make them feel as though they're simply listening to an Internet FM station instead of waiting for their conference. At least they can take their mind off the waiting game if you can have good music.


The hold music is a highly undesirable feature. When enough people join a conference, it's almost inevitable that someone will accidentally put their line on hold and derail the discussion. I've lost count of how many times a meeting has turned into a game of "who put their line on hold"?


The music you hear when someone in the conference puts the line on hold is actually coming from that person's phone system, not InterCall. If it ever happens, just hit *0 (conference) or 00 (individual) on your phone keypad to request an operator. She'll be able to isolate the line where the music is coming from and mute it so you won't be disrupted any longer. The call leader can also mute all the lines in the conference by hitting *5, then requesting all the particpants unmute their lines by pressing #6. Here's a user guide with the phone commands: http://www.intercall.com/files/ResPlusUserGuide.pdf

Hope this helps!

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