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Incorporating the Right Technologies For Today's Challenges
April 23, 2010 @ 12:25 PM | By Maribeth Brown

Gone are the days of switching off the computer and leaving work at the office. Chances are, you are wi-fied, plugged in and synced up to your work email and corporate Rolodex, no matter the time of day or where you go. If so, the findings in a recent U.S. survey probably won’t surprise you.

The struggling economy and a weak job market keep us motivated to do more with less. Our commitment and availability is being challenged, as employers shift to a leaner mindset, cutting corners and slashing budgets. A quarter of those surveyed report that their job security is partially dependent on their supervisor seeing they are connected to work even after hours and one-third of respondent feel the need to stay connected 24/7.

Not a pretty picture, but let’s face it—it’s part of the current landscape. To survive, we have to adapt. Incorporating the right resources and tools, like conferencing services offered by InterCall, can limit the stress of having to be ‘always on.’ Schedule and manage your meetings via email using business communication tools compatible with Microsoft® Outlook and Lotus Notes. You can now even host and participate in a web conference using just a smartphone.

So, take that much needed vacation and enjoy your weekends. No doubt, you deserve it. But rest assured, if you need to ‘be there,’ you have the right technologies to keep you connected.

Do you feel the pressures of being ‘on-call’ around the clock? What technologies have you incorporated to maintain your work/life balance?

See what others have to say about the survey or read the results for yourself.

Maribeth Brown is an Associate Marketing Manager for InterCall. She has been with InterCall for 8 years. She lives in Auburn, Alabama with her two daughters.

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