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A Mile is a Mile, Except when It’s Green
April 22, 2010 @ 12:37 PM | By Jill Huselton

Did you know that a 3000-mile cross-country car trip has the same carbon footprint as the equivalent flight from New York to Los Angeles? If you’re a green business, the best way to travel is “not at all.” And many members of the green business community are doing just that, relying on audio conference calls, video conferencing and web meetings to manage projects, “meet” with clients, and do business remotely.

In fact, a survey conducted by InterCall ranked “using conferencing tools to cut back on travel” as the number one step green businesses are taking to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, 71 percent of all respondents say their companies encourage telecommuting for at least part of the work week.

InterCall’s Own Green Efforts


In addition to providing conferencing tools that make it easy for members of the green business community to decrease their own carbon footprint, InterCall implements measures to use green business practices whenever possible, too.

For instance, the company celebrated last year’s Earth Week by inviting employees to work from home during one day that week, using web or video conferencing when collaboration was necessary. When employees didn’t work from home, they worked on carpooling or taking mass transit. (Although a mile truly is a mile when it comes to a carbon footprint, by increasing the number of people in a given vehicle, you reduce each person’s carbon footprint and also eliminate the carbon footprint of additional cars on the road).

InterCall employees also participated in clean-up efforts within their communities and took small steps to reduce their carbon footprint throughout the year, such as switching to reusable coffee mugs. Each participant in Earth Day activities also received a reusable canvas shopping bag to eliminate the use of paper or plastic bags while shopping.

What Are Your Green Business Plans?

It’s not too early to start planning this year’s Earth Week activities for your company. Will telecommuting and web or video conferencing be a part of how you celebrate? What green business activities do you have planned to raise awareness about our environment?

Jill Huselton is a Senior Marketing Manager at InterCall

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