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Harness the Power of Leader Connections
December 14, 2009 @ 11:38 AM | By Guest Blogger

Leaderconnectionslogo Please welcome recent webinar speaker and guest blogger, Jerry Cahn.

Do you want the most out of your professional life? Advance your corporate career? Start a new company for which you have to raise money, find talented employees, engage reliable, trustworthy vendors and acquire the right customers? The traditional recommendation is hard work and networking. A more effective approach for the 21st century:  connecting and branding.

Networking generally allows you to increase the number of people who can provide peer-level introductions. However, these are NOT the decision makers who can open doors to leaders who can create the opportunities you need to capitalize on in order to achieve your goals. 

Know what you want and who can create the opportunities. If you don’t know the leaders personally, then figure out who does and get introduced. If that’s not easy, discover where you can meet the leaders (e.g., conferences), and use the proper approach to introduce yourself. Don’t be intimidated; be confident and trust yourself by clarifying your brand value and learning how to present it effectively. Leaders want to meet other leaders because they know that the best way to share, inspire and give-back (the hallmark of leaders) is to collaborate with others.

There is a science and art to Leader Connections. It’s worth mastering the mind-set and skill-sets because that’s the way to get ahead.  To see it in action, review a few our case studies. If you need help implementing it yourself, we offer our Connect-to-the-Top workshops and coaching programs. Know your brand and communicate it succinctly. Develop the right strategy to approach and follow-through with targeted leaders. As you connect with those leaders, the opportunities you seek will appear.

Jerry-Cahn Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., is a presentation master, organizational strategist and executive coach. He helps clients design and implement effective business strategies, sharpen sales and marketing performance, develop leadership skills and performance cultures, and produce winning sales, marketing and investor presentations.

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