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Top 5 Conference Call Don'ts
June 26, 2009 @ 09:38 AM | By Nicole Scheel


As some of you remember, previously I wrote about how to avoid being annoying on a conference call (5 Annoying Conference Call Mistakes to Avoid).

Now, we’re back with more! I’ve mentioned my fabulous team of trainers before and, as usual, I turned to them for help in writing this month’s blog. With that being said, we’d like to introduce you to the…

The InterCall University Top 5 List of Conferencing Don’ts

1. Don’t join a large group of people from a sub-par speaker phone

It is very hard to be on one end of a conference call and to try to hear a group of people in a large room gathered around a conference phone. If you need to do this, make sure you test the phone and assign one person to repeat any questions or comments.

2. Don’t let someone dominate the call

Make sure that you are being respectful of others’ time. Don’t let one person go on a tangent and rule the call. At a pause in the speaking, ask that person if he will continue the conversation off-line after the conference call.

3. Don’t talk over people

We realize that it can be difficult to get used to being on a conference call and not physically seeing when someone is about to talk. However, for that reason, you need to allow for the appropriate amount of silence before talking. If you’re asking for questions, allow your audience time to think. If you’ve talked over someone, allow that person to repeat what they’ve said. If you have a large group of people attending a call, I’d suggest using Operator Assisted or Direct Event conference calls so that an operator can facilitate the question and answer portion of the meeting.

4. Don’t stray from the agenda

This one is easier said than done! A good tip is to make sure that you have an agenda for every meeting. That way, if you get off task, you can always refer back to the agenda to get everyone focused. To start off on the right foot, either send out the agenda prior to the meeting or show it during your web meeting.   

5. Don’t be late

While the InterCall Lounge is fun to listen to while waiting for the call to start, it’s not professional to leave your audience waiting for more than a few minutes. Make it a practice to arrive at least three minutes before call start time. If you’re invited to a meeting, make sure to be on time. It’s disrespectful to leave a group of people waiting. 

By learning from your conferencing service and paying attention to these few tips, you’ll be conference call pro in no time! Is there a conference call don’t that really gets you going? Tell me about it below. 


Nicole Scheel is the Director of Training, and the “Tips & Training Blogger”. Nicole has been in training with InterCall for nine years and currently manages our internal and customer training departments, also known as InterCall University. When she's not training someone, you can find Nicole volunteering in her community or finishing her Masters in Training & Development at Roosevelt University.

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