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Go Paperless to save our planet… or at least a tiny piece of it
April 21, 2009 @ 07:09 AM | By Guest Blogger

MeetingSensePaperless With a new U.S. President, a deepening global community, challenging economic environments, and a brand new baby daughter, I’ve been thinking a lot about our future. Not just my family’s future, but the future for us all. I’m sure that you have been, too.

It’s been comforting to see that everything ‘green’ has not only become trendy, but has become a focus at an institutional level. It seems that we are finally taking the state of our planet seriously. It doesn’t bother me that a big green push these days is comes in the form of travel and other carbon consuming activity decreases to save bottom-line costs. Where I work, we try to do as much for the environment as we can, we recycle (everything), we buy recycled products, we try not to print anything unless absolutely necessary … and we also make software that helps companies to go paperless and become greener.

But going paperless isn’t just an opportunity to do your small part to save the planet, or even to improve your less than perfect Karma, it’s also a great business decision. Going paperless, or probably more accurately, becoming less paper dependant is also about saving money. In today’s business environment, companies are facing numerous challenges like the dire need to cut costs and increase efficiency, which includes the need to sift through the explosion of email/IM/blog/document/etc… content. This allows us to adopt solutions that help clean up all the clutter, while allowing us to becoming less paper dependant.

Benefits to going paperless:

  • Reduce the costs to store documents and files (folders, cabinets, etc)

  • Decrease printing costs (fewer printers, less ink and of course less paper)

  • Less administrative staff to engage in document filing and management

  • Far less time spend filing, storing, searching for documents and files

  • Efficiency boosted by being able to access and search virtual repositories

  • Less time spent training employees regarding all of the above process

  • Improved client responsiveness … accessing client histories and needs takes seconds in a paperless environment

  • Ability to easily match a service or issue with the appropriate information and to contextually link information

At my company, MeetingSense Software, we make software that helps you and me much more efficient and productive in our day-to-day activities. As an added benefit, our product MeetingSense, also helps our customers to become less paper dependant by providing an easy and efficient way to capture, distribute and manage all of the information that is shared in meetings, all online in real-time. So, not only are we helping people to do their jobs and make their lives easier, but we’re also trying to do our part to decrease overall paper dependence.  Here’s a look at how we see MeetingSense helping at each level within your organization:


Take back a full day of wasted time every week and gain complete control over project success.

  • Eliminate almost a full day of pre/post meeting clean up and management busywork every week

  • Gain total control over your meeting information and action item accountability cycles

  • Enhance online collaboration to foster virtual group deliverables and timeline buy-in. Foster a team environment where stakeholders actively participate online in team contributions.

Your Boss

Get complete vision into any team's meeting effectiveness, accountability and performance.

  • Dramatically increase employee efficiency to optimize tight budgets in difficult times

  • Help your team become much more productive while decreasing project cycle times

  • Gain complete transparency into your employees day-to-day performance

  • Increase team output while decreasing bottom line costs associated with all inefficiencies

The IT Group

MeetingSense offers absolute online data security and does a better job of providing strict governance and auditabiliy. This is done affordably and without infrastructure or information management nightmares.

  • Dramatically decrease enterprise email, storage, and ‘offline’ materials and system burden

  • Online data security with SaaS70 I &II, HIPAA, PCI certification

  • Minimizes total cost of ownership and maximizes ease-of-deployment

The Organization

Maximize organizational efficiency to decrease employee waste, optimize operational costs, increase project success, and instantly eliminate compliance risk.

  • Save $15,000 a year per employee in wasted time/effort to streamline organizational efficiency

  • Save millions of lost man hours and wasted materials by increases employee effectiveness and accountability

  • Ensure regulatory and legal compliance - Get complete online transparency/access to critical information without the hassles of physical paper use/storage

Where I work, we’re trying hard every day to help enhance the working lives and business success of our customers through smart, efficient, green resource management and the power of new technology. The benefits of going paperless to save our environment and enhance the future for our children can’t be overstated… but just in case your CFO needs a little more than the viable future of our planet, you can let her know that the cost of going paperless can also save your corporation millions of dollars every year.
I hope that you all enjoy Earth Day and take an opportunity to think about how you can contribute to the health and wealth of our planet every day. Thanks for listening and if there’s anything that I can do to help you, let me know in the comments below.

MeetingSenseBretHannon Brettt is co-founder of MeetingSense Software Corporation. He has more than 16 years of experience as a successful business professional for tier-one software and media companies. He has extensive experience with business P&L management, strategic marketing, and the enterprise collaboration space. MeetingSense is being integrated into industry leading audio and web conferencing services so that end-users can easily launch and control all of their communications applications from within a single intuitive interface.

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