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The Virtual Huddle
February 16, 2009 @ 02:00 PM | By Cambria Vaccaro

Feb-16-Huddle-InterCall-Par According to Wikipedia, a huddle is when a team gathers together, usually in a tight circle, to strategize, motivate or celebrate. In business, we huddle every day. And now, you can huddle virtually. InterCall has joined forces with Huddle.net to deliver the world’s first unified collaboration, communication and social networking platform.

If you’re an InterCall customer you can schedule phone and web meetings in Huddle and share dial-in details, documents and meeting minutes. But that’s not all. Huddle also gives you a wide range of project management and collaboration tools. These include online discussions, whiteboards, task calendars and document version management. You can also create an online profile with picture, contact details and biography to share with your network.

There’s no need for USB keys, CDs or FTP servers; you can store and share all your files online and access them from anywhere. Huddle is great for companies in any market, sector or organization. If you need to work with teams in various offices, manage multiple versions of documents and have discussions about projects, you need Huddle. Here are some ways to use Huddle:

  • Strategize – Marketing and project teams can share information externally with agencies, partners and suppliers or internally with the board.
  • Celebrate – Sales teams increase the speed of contract negotiations with approvals and version controls, making it easier to reach revenue goals.
  • Motivate – Collaborate on school, university or scientific projects across geographical barriers to ensure learning.

InterCall customers can sign up for a free Huddle account here. After your account is set up, you will be able to access Huddle here, as well as via LinkedIn and Facebook.

Cam_blog Cambria Vaccaro is the Senior Director, Marketing Communications and our “Industry News” blogger.  Cambria has been in the conferencing industry for nearly fifteen years, and has seen it evolve from a traditional video bridging service to include cool web features and remote communication services.  She is an avid runner, cook, wife and mother of two gorgeous girls.

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