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Chief Learning Officer Symposium
October 7, 2008 @ 06:00 AM | By Nicole Scheel

Oct7closymposium_2Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the CLO Magazine Symposium.  It was an amazing experience…I was surrounded by some of Training’s best and brightest!.  There were fabulous keynote speakers, round table discussions and workshops.  I wouldn’t do those sessions justice by trying to summarize them; however I do encourage you to visit the http://www.clomedia.com/ website as they archived quite a few of the presentations. 

I walked away with a new appreciation for learning, new contacts of fellow learning colleagues and a binder full of notes and new ideas for my training team.  Some of my most important take away’s include:

1. Measurement of training programs is a MUST – Whether you’re just getting started with collecting feedback for measurement or if you’ve mastered all of Kirkpatrick’s levels, as training professionals it is our responsibility to measure the effectiveness of our programs.  If you don’t have a measurement strategy in place yet, that’s fine there is nothing to worry about.  I would spend some time researching training ROI and measurement and start out small.   

2. Training is rapidly moving online – Even though the economy is fluctuating and things like travel and budgets are being reduced, the expectations on training teams are still the same.  Trainers are having to find new and innovative ways of getting their programs out.  Many of my training peers were amazed when I told them about the advances that were being made in web conferencing.  As we started discussing features such as break out groups, whiteboards and application sharing, other colleagues offered up their ideas on how they creatively use the tools.  It was a fantastic discussion that lead to many new ideas!

3. Learning Management Systems (LMS) or learning portals are key – Most web conferencing tools today can be integrated into an LMS.  Just this year my team rolled out an LMS within our company, and honestly I don’t know what we did before that.  To have all of your learning, reporting, administrative and other functions happen in one place, not only saves time – but is much more productive for employees, their managers and the training staff.   

Even though the face of business is changing, it’s clear that training will always be an important part of any company’s success.  While we may be moving away from traditional classrooms, training will not end.  Technologies such as web conferencing, computer based training and elearning will shape the future of training. 

If you have specific tools that you use that you find helpful, please share them by posting a comment below.  As always if you need any clarification, have comments and/or questions, please post a comment and I will be sure to get back to you!

Nicole Nicole Scheel is the Director of Training, and the “Tips & Training Blogger”. Nicole has been in training with InterCall for nine years and currently manages our internal and customer training departments, also known as InterCall University. When she's not training someone, you can find Nicole volunteering in her community or finishing her Masters in Training & Development at Roosevelt University.

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