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Do I need registration for my virtual conference?
August 5, 2008 @ 06:00 AM | By Guest Blogger

In my last post I suggested that you give yourself some time to consider the technology behind your event.  Part of that technology can be a registration system.

Aug5registrationkyle_2When you’re hosting a large event, you will likely need to gather a list to confirm the expected attendance or create follow-up activities.  One of the best ways to do this is to ask your audience to register before the event if they plan to attend.  After a person registers they receive the information for the event. 

First, let’s define registration services.  When you are hosting a virtual event, you may want to have participants register so that you have an idea of expected attendance.  It also allows you to gather more detailed information about your participants without making each person give a lot of information to an operator as they enter the meeting.   You can perform pre-registration by phone or online, but most people opt for the web form…it’s a simple click from your email invitation to register.

Now, why should you require registration for a virtual event? 

  1. To simplify the event process:  A pre-registration process can reduce administration time by automating and branding event communications.
  2. To increase registration and attendance:  By integrating meeting information with the participants’ outlook calendar integration and having multiple flexible reminders you can increase your registration to attendance ratio.
  3. To gather mission critical data:   Gathering demographics and contact information before the event allows everyone to connect quickly at the time of the meeting, because they don’t have to stop and give required information to an operator.  Pre-registration also expands your database, because you will gather information for people who intend to join your event, even if they do not actually show up.  You will also have a way to score leads and may be able to integrate information into your CRM

Some best practices for using Event Registration I’ve found over the years include:

  • Plan ahead for what your follow-up activities will be, so that you can gather the proper information during registration.
  • Check your registration after your event invitations are sent.  Most responses to email invitations occur within one day.  If your registration is lower than expected, consider resending your invitation with plenty of time left before your event.
  • If you are going to be using a virtual event for lead generation, don’t be afraid to ask a few qualifying questions in the registration.  But also don’t go overboard...Think about the time demands on your audience.  If your form takes too long to fill out, you may lose some responses as people get distracted at the office.
  • Use the information in your registration report to prepare for the event.  If you have asked demographic or qualifying questions, you can tailor your presentation, if necessary, based on they type of people who are registering for your event.

There you go…I hope this “inside view” helps your next event be a resounding success!  And a little easier to manage while you’re at it!  In the next InterCall Blog post, we'll hear from a few different people and discuss the role of the Event Consutant.

Kimwinn Kim has been in the conferencing industry for the past 9 years. She is a Product Manager at InterCall for Mshow Web Conferencing, Events and Registration. She is passionate about the ability to support dynamic, powerful events using audio, video and/or web conferencing. In her spare time, Kim likes to spend time with her 2 ½ year old son, 4 ½ year old daughter and husband. You can often find the Winn family riding bikes together, spending a day at the beach, or going to the rodeo together.

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