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A simple way to offset your carbon footprint
April 16, 2008 @ 02:22 PM | By InterCall Blog

Please welcome our guest blogger, Britt Sutcliffe - Telecom for Charity Project Manager

Investing in renewable resources, carbon offsetting, using eco friendly appliances are all a spectacular way to support the environment. But where does your company obtain the funds to support such initiatives?

Cost of implementation is often the prime reason for a company deciding not to choose an eco friendly business model. The funds to pay for renewable energy sources or carbon offsetting must come from someplace, so why not use your company’s current voice and data expenditure to pay for these?


The Telecom for Charity initiative (T4C) is very simple: Any telecom services procured through this initiative will generate a monthly donation of 5% to the environmental program(s) of your choice.

A simple example for a simple program.

A company of 15 people is generating an estimated 26 tons of CO2 per year for their daily building services (electricity and natural gas). To offset 26 tons you could plant 36 trees in Kenya ($516.59) or even donate to the Clean Energy Fund ($399.75).  The same company has an estimated monthly telecom bill of $1200. This includes their phone system, calling plans, and internet connection. The services procured through the T4C initiative will now be generating a monthly donation of $60 every month to the program of their choice, for a yearly total of $720; which is far more than suggested amount to offset their estimated carbon footprint.

Win, win, win.

You are now supporting the environmental cause of your choice, you are receiving the same, if not better, telecom services as you originally had, and all for no additional monthly cost to your company. 

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