Oh, My Aching Footprint
February 13, 2008 @ 11:12 AM | By InterCall Blog

This month we’re deep in the middle of the process of mapping a firm carbon footprint here at InterCall.  Based on how we do business, we know that we have a smaller footprint than many corporations…no toxic chemicals or complex supply-chains to worry about.

But oh, the complexity! The actual calculations we’re turning over to a trusted, credible consultant and the PURE organization…that part is easy. But if your organization is anything like ours, you have to rally all the experts in different groups to provide the needed information to make this possible.

Do you find yourself becoming expert in things you never before needed (or wanted) to know? Telecom routing, server power management, travel policies and waste management…

The good thing is that everywhere I turn I find people who are excited about helping with this project! People want to be involved in improving the footprint of our business in a grass-roots way, so they can see that they’re making a difference. And since management supports the initiative, we have the freedom to spend a little time working on it. Win-win all the way around, truly.

How’s it going at your company? Send a comment to let me know!

Carolyn Campbell
Senior Director, Marketing Communications

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